Tracy Morgan Just Set His First Post-Accident Comedy Special

Tracy Morgan Saturday Night Live Stand Up Comedy

It has been great to see Tracy Morgan back at it again following his accident. To see the comedian and actor mount such an amazing comeback in the past two years has been inspirational, as well as hilarious. Those who haven't been following this awesome journey will have to tune into Tracy's newly announced comedy special when it appears on Netflix on May 16.

The special, titled Staying Alive, will feature a Tracy Morgan stand-up special that he filmed in Red Bank, New Jersey back in October. Staying Alive features Tracy and his classic comedy style as he recounts his life following his accident in 2014. This includes learning how to walk again, coping with a traumatic brain injury, and "falling," for his physical therapist. Obviously, this is some heavy and personal stuff Morgan is getting into here, and it takes a special kind of man to have some fun at the expense of something like that. I can't think of too many comedians to tackle something so personal, other than comedian Tig Notaro talking about her battle with breast cancer.

The comedy special is the next big step of many as Tracy Morgan looks to restart his career and return to the life he knew prior to the 2014 car collision. Morgan recently had a role in the Charlie Day led film Fist Fight, and The Hollywood Reporter reports that the actor will also be starring in a TBS comedy series written by Jordan Peele. Having only officially returned to acting a of couple years ago, he's really pushing ahead with projects! It's definitely a far cry from what the world expected from him when news first broke of his accident.

Many remember the collision in June 2014, where a semi-truck collided with a car transporting Tracy Morgan, as well as others. The collision left Morgan with several broken bones and in a coma, and also took the life of Morgan's friend, comedian James McNair. Morgan recovered from the accident with some lasting brain damage, which he has now incorporated into his comedy. While it was undoubtedly a long road for Morgan to make it to this point, you wouldn't know it from his performances. It will be interesting to see the actor get back to his stand-up roots and return to entertaining audiences with his own material.

I think we're all rooting for Tracy Morgan to do a good job. Whether he intends it to be or not, his comeback story so far has been inspirational not just for those struggling with a traumatic brain injury, but for all those who have had to overcome obstacles in general. Mark your calendar for Staying Alive when it hits Netflix on May 16th, and be sure to check out our midseason premiere guide for a laundry list of other Netflix series you should be on the lookout for in the coming months!

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