Incorporated Cancelled, Season 2 Not Happening At Syfy

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Syfy has been changing up its programming a lot in recent years, and with the changes some shows have lasted and some haven't. This summer at Comic-Con, Syfy spent some money promoting its new drama Incorporated. Regardless, the show doesn't seem to have caught on. Today we learned that Incorporated has been cancelled by the network and will not be returning for Season 2.

Incorporated ended its freshman run back in January, but a lot of people probably didn't even notice when it wrapped up. That's because Incorporated's first season run saw fewer viewers tune in than Syfy was likely happy with. The show was only averaging a little under 500,000 viewers during its first season, which is not a large number, even for cable. Although it added some viewers in the days following the initial run, there were still fewer than a million people watching overall, which is really not a large audience, even for a network that often sees smaller viewership like Syfy. Low ratings strike again.

Deadline reported the news, noting there were signs beyond the low ratings that may have given us the indication the show would not be moving forward into Season 2. Dennis Haysbert signed on for a new TV project on NBC that is going by the name Reverie. That project may not move forward to series, but it's certainly an indication that Haysbert was covering his bases, in case Incorporated got the axe. It looks as if it was a pretty smart move by the actor, too.

The news is a little surprising, as Incorporated had some heavy hitters as producers when Syfy signed on. Both Matt Damon and Ben Affleck executive produced the project. The main cast, too, was a fairly big deal for the network, but the show just never got any traction. Low ratings can make or break a TV show, and Incorporated was doing worse than other scripted originals in the numbers, including The Expanse, Z Nation and The Magicians.

While it's a little sad to see this one go, with numbers like these, it's easy to see why Incorporated went the way of Caprica and not the way of some of the network's other shows. Luckily, Syfy has a ton of projects in development, including Brave New World and the superhero project Krypton which have been getting notice thanks to subject matter. We'll let you know if and when those get off of the ground. To see what is heading to TV soon, take a look at our midseason TV premiere schedule. And if you'd like to know what other major shows are moving forward, keep an eye on what's renewed and cancelled with our guide.

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