As a television show that regularly enters the conversation for the impact its brutal violence has on the outside world, The Walking Dead is not poised to take home any Outstanding Comedy Series awards at the Emmys in the future. But, like its comic book source material, the AMC drama is more than capable of drawing smiles out of audiences or, with lesser frequency, drawing smiles from its characters.

And so we present The Walking Dead's 8 funniest characters, taking into consideration each person's time-span on the show and what their senses of humor are like, as well as how frequently they're known for killer lines, reactions and performances. In the end, of course, humor is subjective, so we all might find different things amusing. Our first entry is the perfect example of a polarizing fellow. (Spoilers below if you're only caught up through Season 6.)

8. Negan

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan had big shoes to fill when he was cast as the foul-mouthed and morally endangered Negan, whose comic counterpart stands as one of modern fiction's best villains. Perhaps tellingly, Morgan and his million-dollar smile are the reason why Negan is a comedic guilty pleasure, since this dude is a radical monster in several ways. He hasn't quite solidified the tyrants iconic appeal yet, but there's an undeniable energy every time he and Lucille are sauntering across the screen together. And he can't go two lines without making me laugh. But those are dark laughs.

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