Marvel’s Inhumans Series Just Added A Bizarre New Character

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After an incredibly long silence, it seems like Marvel is really starting to roll out the details on their upcoming Marvel's Inhumans. These past two weeks have been a treat as we've seen the casting of Anson Mount as Black Bolt, Iwan Rheon as Maximus, and Serinda Swan as Medusa. Those characters, while awesome in their own right, may have nothing on the newest character announced. Marvel's Inhumans will feature a 2,000-pound dog named Lockjaw!

Lockjaw is a 2,000-pound dog that EW tells us is a pet to Inhumans member Crystal, who is Medusa's sister. Besides the weight, the big thing that sets him apart is the small tuning fork looking thing in the center of his head that is also worn by main hero Black Bolt. In terms of power, Lockjaw's greatest asset to the Inhumans is his ability to teleport between worlds and dimensions. Other than that he's just a big ole pupper and what isn't super about that?!

In the comics, Lockjaw is responsible for a bulk the Inhumans' first visit to Earth. The team travels to Earth, and the members think they are saving Medusa from humans they presume to be enemies to the Attilan (race of Inhumans) people. Those humans turn out to be The Fantastic Four and, after clearing up the misunderstanding, the two teams become allies and collaborate every so often when their interests collide. In fact, Crystal (Lockjaw's owner) has been a member of both The Fantastic Four and The Avengers. While Lockjaw's hero resume is rather limited, he has has been known to have some crazy adventures of his own.

Lockjaw had a short-run series in the comics called Lockjaw And The Pet Avengers. The series, which featured a celebrity cameo from former President Barack Obama's dog Bo, had three separate adventures that had decent reception from comic fans. Perhaps the best adventure worth mentioning is where Lockjaw and several other super animals joined forces to collect the "Infinity Gems," all so he can impress Mr. Fantastic of The Fantastic 4. Considering how scattered the gems are in the Marvel films, you can imagine that task was easier said than done.

In addition to the casting of Lockjaw, Marvel's Inhumans also added a bunch of other members to the cast today. We've talked about Crystal, who will be played by Isabelle Cornish. There's also Gorgon and Triton, who are the cousins of Black Bolt and will be played by Eme Ikwuakor and Mike Moh. Sonya Balmores will play a royal guard, and to wrap things up, Ellen Woglom will be playing an unknown role. Hopefully, with all these cast members Lockjaw doesn't suffer in screen time! Marvel's Inhumans is set to begin with a movie event this September. Catch up on all your Marvel lore and hit up our midseason premiere guide to make sure you don't miss any upcoming Marvel shows before then!

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