Ewan McGregor Is Bald And Unrecognizable In New Fargo Season 3 Footage

FX debuted a show unlike anything else on television in 2014 with Fargo, which is an anthology series inspired by the 1996 film of the same name. While the plots have been fantastic, the series is perhaps most notable for recruiting big name movie stars to television. The first two seasons brought actors like Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman, and Kirsten Dunst to the small screen, and the third is set to bring in none other than Ewan McGregor. We finally have a good look at McGregor in action in Fargo Season 3, and he's totally unrecognizable. Take a look!

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If you're anything like me, your first reaction to this clip from the official Fargo Twitter page was something along the lines of "Holy crap, Season 3 is about Buffalo Bill?!" Ewan McGregor looks far more like the villain from Silence of the Lambs than he does his normal dashing self. Kudos to the Fargo team for transforming him into somebody who doesn't resemble any of his past characters.

Ewan McGregor is playing two roles in the upcoming season of Fargo. He'll tackle the roles of brothers Ray and Emmit Stussy, who actually aren't twins. Emmit is the older brother who makes his living in Minnesota as an expert in the real estate game, earning himself the title of "Parking Lot King." He considers himself quite the success, and he's quite the stark contrast to his younger brother. Ray is a parole officer who is more unhappy and unattractive than his older brother, but he does have a girlfriend who is played by the lovely Mary Elizabeth Winstead, so not everything is awful.

The clip doesn't identify which of the brothers McGregor is playing, but given that Mary Elizabeth Winstead is present, we can bet that we're looking at the mostly unfortunate Ray. Since Ray has been described as the less handsome of the two brothers, I'm now wondering if Emmit will look a little bit more like a non-balding Ewan McGregor. The look is definitely proof that he's not being typecast in showbiz. I can't imagine a character who looks less like Obi-Wan Kenobi or Mark Renton than this Stussy brother.

The cast of Fargo Season 3 includes Carrie Coon, Jim Gaffigan, and David Thewlis in addition to Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. All things considered, we could be in for our best and craziest season of Fargo to date. Luckily, we don't have to wait too much longer to see Ewan McGregor in action as star of Fargo Season 3. The show returns to FX with new episodes for the first time in over a year on April 19. Check out our midseason TV premiere schedule and our 2017 Netflix premiere schedule for a look at what you can watch to pass the time until Fargo is back.

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