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This has been a good week for fans of Game of Thrones. After months of hints and rumors and guesses, we finally got a solid premiere date for Season 7. Now, we have a teaser trailer for what's to come in Season 7, and it paints a pretty desolate picture of the state of Westeros. Of course, any fans who have stuck around Game of Thrones for six years already are probably used to desolate, so this teaser is actually pretty exciting. Check it out!

Well, it looks like the War of the Five Kings is suddenly going to be very, very unimportant to the folks of Westeros. At first, the sigils of the houses all seem to be standing strong, even as thorns strangle and teeth bite and tentacles squeeze. Character voiceovers remind us of how proud the great families are of their heritage. Then, the snow begins to fall, and the sigils crumble as Jon reminds us that the only war that matters is the one coming down from north of the Wall. The White Walkers are coming, and the folks of Westeros are probably going to discover sooner rather than later that borders and territories don't really matter to hordes of ice zombies.

That said, we shouldn't expect any of the great houses to start banding together right off the bat. Season 6 ended with most of them poised to do as much squabbling as ever (although House Tyrell will squabble more more quietly now that most of them have been burned alive), and both Jon and Dany were finally poised to make major power plays, but the simple fact is that winter has come, and out of winter will come the White Walkers. If six seasons of adventures at the Wall have taught us anything, it's that everybody needs to stop fighting and get ready for the army of White Walkers and wights that the Night King is going to bring down on them.

It's a sign that Game of Thrones means business in Season 7 that the teaser shows the sigils of more houses than the main four that have been closing out the opening credits from the very beginning. In addition to the direwolf of House Stark, the lion of House Lannister, the stag of House Baratheon, and the three-headed dragon of House Targaryen, we have the rose of House Tyrell, the bear of House Mormont, and the kraken of House Greyjoy. Everybody is in danger from the White Walkers and their wights.

Unfortunately, we still have a while to wait before Game of Thrones Season 7 hits the airwaves on HBO, so be sure to check out our midseason TV premiere schedule for a look at all your viewing options for the meantime. If you're in the mood for a bloody blast from the past, take a look at our ranking of the 12 most gruesome deaths in Game of Thrones, and our breakdown of what we know so far about Season 7 will give you a peek ahead.

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