BBC Reporter Forgets To Lock Door During Live TV Debate, Kids Crash The Party

It's been a blessed week for kids on live television. First, we had the kid who got into a weather report and started shouting about "toots and farts," and when I wrote that up yesterday, I didn't think anything could top that video for the week. Today, I'm here baffled by an even better clip where a BBC News expert is interrupted on live television by one of his children. Check out the video and continue on below:

It's initially a small situation that only seems to escalate as the seconds pass. First BBC News Expert Robert E. Kelly does the parent jab trying to gingerly, but firmly, get his kid out of the frame. Then the whole thing turns into a cartoon when that baby comes through, and the way the woman slides in, you almost have to wonder if this whole thing is choreographed. This video seriously looks like something straight out of a movie! The real finale is when we see the woman desperately dragging the older child out by one hand as Kelly tries desperately to keep his expertise-laden composure.

You have to understand this interview being given is likely the most internationally newsworthy coverage Robert E. Kelly has had for news organizations in a while. With the successful impeachment and removal of South Korean President Park Guen-Hye, this is also probably one of the biggest times to be a political expert of the country in the past couple years. I mean, just think back to the last time you saw an expert on South Korea in the news; was that baby even born yet? As for Kelly, he just now seems to be realizing he's about to become a phenomenon for something other than his knowledge of Korea.

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It's truly hard to say if things can get any more "weird," than that clip. Considering how hard Robert E. Kelly has been undoubtedly working while covering South Korean politics, I think we can all give him a pass on forgetting to lock his door. It's certainly not the first time someone on live television has had an unexpected moment or flub. Plus, we can now all say we're cultural by having watched a BBC report on South Korea! As our friends who watch BBC News might say, "Good show."

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