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If you were to listen only to Lemony Snicket's take of things - at least the fictional version of Lemony Snicket, if not the author himself - then you'd probably get a very bad feeling about seeing another season from the youth-skewing adventure A Series of Unfortunate Events. But Netflix knows that yesterday's big renewal news is stellar for fans to hear, and Count Olaf portrayer Neil Patrick Harris reacted to the news in a pretty awesome way: he got a celebratory tattoo. And what's more, it's his very first one. Check it out.

You know an entertainer is dedicated to the job whenever he or she permanently alters a body part in order to show appreciation and solidarity, and since it's easier to get a tattoo rather than lop off a toe or something. Ink is the route considered by cast members of projects like Game of Thrones and Suicide Squad. But we probably shouldn't be expecting Neil Patrick Harris' younger co-stars Malina Weissman or Louis Hynes to go off and get matching tats. And not just because they're just kids who don't need to worry about that yet.

No, it's because that symbol that Neil Patrick Harris tattooed on his foot isn't merely a strange-looking eye. As readers and fans are aware, it's actually tied to the evil organization that Count Olaf is a part of. The very same organization that Violet and Klaus discover their parents are a part of, so it wouldn't exactly be the most popular symbol for the actors to represent on a daily basis. Sorry, Olaf. But hey, that tattoo looks like it'll heal easy, and that's something, right?

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While not many might have predicted Neil Patrick Harris' specific choice of celebration over the renewal, the renewal itself is no surprise at all. A Series of Unfortunate Events had a huge buzz going into the premiere, thanks to the hugely popular book series and less popular feature film starring Jim Carrey, and once it did hit Netflix earlier this year, fans ate it up. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with many crediting Harris and the diverse ensemble of supporting cast members for the fun, as well as exquisite set design and special effects. And though Netflix ratings aren't ever official, the early and unofficial stats put it in the Top 5 debuts for the streaming platform's original series. Expect many more seasons to come.

Before you go off getting a tattoo of Count Olaf's face over your face to have the best/worst costume for Halloween this year, be sure to check out the entire first season of A Series of Unfortunate Events, which is currently available on Netflix. (You'll realize his disguises aren't always so successful.) Then check out our 2017 Netflix premiere schedule for more streaming goodness, and head to our midseason premiere schedule for everything else heading to the small screen soon.

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