For just about every project they've ever worked on in their 15-year careers, brothers Anthony and Joe Russo have been nailing it, and their directorial momentum really built up once they got into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They will be a part of that world for a while longer yet, with The Avengers: Infinity War and another film set beyond that, but at some point between those huge projects, they'll be heading back to the small screen for another superhero project: an adaptation of the comic book Quantum and Woody!

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To be expected, perhaps, Quantum and Woody won't be a super-serious superhero tale, and Anthony and Joe Russo will keep a more comedic tone going with this new project, which they are developing as executive producers alongside comic publishers Valiant Entertainment. The title refers to the intelligent adopted brothers Eric and Woody Henderson, who spent part of their adult lives estranged and heading on a downward spiral after a childhood being best friends. But when their father is murdered, the two come together to find the killer, which puts them in a situation where they gain powers. And they're not always so great at using them to do good things.

Currently being set up as a pilot, one without a network yet attached, Quantum and Woody will be written by Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari, according to TheWrap. They are are penning the upcoming Marvel sequel Ant Man & The Wasp. (They'd also made a pass at the original film's script.) Beyond that, Barrer wrote the so-so 2014 horror Haunt, and they were tapped to write a Sabrina the Teenage Witch movie some years back, but it never materialized.

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Created by writer Christopher Priest and artist Mark Bright, Quantum and Woody was in part based on the dynamic between White Men Can't Jump leads Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. The series, which was under then-Valiant Comics, initially lasted for 17 issues from 1997-1998, and then came back for a 5-issue run from 1999-2000. James Asmus and Tom Fowler rebooted the property in 2013 with a more rambunctious tone, which is likely what will make it to TV one day. Hopefully. And maybe it'll kick off some of the Valiant cinematic universe that's been in the cards for a short while.

The Russo brothers know quite a bit about working in television, and they've even won Emmys for their work on Arrested Development. Though not always together, Anthony and Joe have directed a ton of Community episodes, as well as installments of Happy Endings and Agent Carter and a bunch of pilots that went nowhere. That better not be the case here.

While there's no telling what kind of a timeline Quantum and Woody will get, considering it's in its earliest stages, feel free to go out and catch up on the comic series when you can. And then head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what shows are definitely coming to the small screen in the near future. And, of course, save your money for Avengers; Infinity War, as I'm sure we'll all be seeing it as many times as possible.

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