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When Stephen Colbert puts any type of subject matter in his satirical crosshairs, he hilariously doesn't leave much room for nuance, whether he's railing on bears, politicians or even the weather. Well, The Weather Channel in this case. Earlier this week, The Late Show's host took some amusing jabs at the meteorological outlet in reference to the way it names upcoming winter storms. The Weather Channel gave a surprisingly swift and totally awesome response to Colbert' jokes by officially naming one of next winter's big storms after him. I love when life makes sense like this.

Yes, when the 2017/2018 winter season arrives, Americans will have to worry about one day facing down the wrath of Winter Storm Colbert! It will be the third shiver-causing storm, and while it's not really possible to know what's really going to happen with it - considering we're always hearing about horrifying storms that come up short (thankfully) - that doesn't mean The Weather Channel's staff didn't take a few stabs at predicting. At the expense of Colbert himself, that is. Here's part of expert Tom Niziol's epic burn.

Now, it's impossible to say exactly how this storm is going to perform, but our experts here have assigned it the name Colbert, because very early forecasts are indicating that the storm starts small. Really small. But after a few false starts in the Chicago area, the system will eventually move on to New York, where it looks like Colbert will build momentum on the back of a much bigger and better lead-in storm.

Kaboom! Chestnuts roasting on Stephen Colbert's inflamed body. That lil speech poked fun not only at his early career in Chicago and the Second City crew - Strangers with Candy for the win - but also how he replaced the late night juggernaut David Letterman as the Late Show host. It's all in good fun, of course, as Tom Niziol initially referred to Stephen Colbert as "one of our favorite late night hosts," and one would have to think that Colbert himself would have been won over by the slam-basting. After all, he's a wintery kinda guy.

stephen colbert late show smirking

Watch the announcement below and count the days until Tom Niziol is invited onto The Late Show for an episode-ending stand-up set.

This is, of course, not even close to the first time that someone has used Stephen Colbert's name in providing nomenclature for some other creature or object. His years on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report were a huge source of titular counterparts, such as the bald eagle Stephen Jr., the Drexel University racing turtle Stephanie Colburtle, the Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream, and the trapdoor spider species Aptostichus stephencolberti, to name some. Winter Storm Colbert has arguably the biggest potential for destruction of any of those things mentioned above. Can a winter storm laugh evilly while rubbing its hands together?

As the Late Show's ratings continue to rise, the host is only getting more popular, so who knows what he'll share his name with next? Head to the next page to see how Stephen Colbert reacted to the news on last night's The Late Show, and then check out our midseason premiere schedule and our summer premiere guide to find all the new and returning shows heading to our TVs later this year.

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