Watch This Wild Dude's Priceless Reaction To Snow On The Local News

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Snow is something you either love or hate. I'm a firm believer that no one wakes up on a snow day and is indifferent. Case in point: not too many people seem to be out in this snowy Maryland day whena news reporter and his cameraman hit the streets to cover the action. The one man they do find is almost frantically ecstatic, and you gotta see it:

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Paul Willis proves my above statement with this love-hate relationship to the weather change. First, he loves the snow because you know, he was locked up earlier this year and didn't get to see it. At the same time, he doesn't want anymore, and he WILL NOT be shoveling it. Willis is the inner child we all stifle when we step outside to see a fresh pile of snow on the ground, if that child was from Pennsylvania originally.

Seriously, I can't believe Fox 5 reporter Gary McGrady was able to hold it together in the video while talking to this guy.

In case you were wondering, Paul Willis is shouting out Prince George county, which is two counties over from where the video is happening in downtown Frederick, Maryland. All of Maryland has had a decent patch of snow hit their area with Frederick, in particular, experiencing about 4-5 inches according to Fox 5's Gary McGrady.

Winter Storm Stella has dumped snow alongside the East coast and canceled school as well as many other events in the surrounding states. Of course, large amounts of snow are not anything new for our friends on the East Coast, who definitely deal with it quite a bit. I'm sure out of all the Maryland people who woke up to snow this morning on their lawn, few reacted the way Paul Willis of PG county did. Plenty of Maryland enjoy Willis' appearance though, taking to Twitter to applaud his childlike wonder.

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With guys like Paul Willis, the news has been more entertaining than some television as of late. Willis now joins the ranks of the BBC Expert who had his family interrupt his report, and the kid who crashed the weather report in viral immortality. And I'm sure if you asked him about it, he'd be just as jazzed about that news as he was about snow. Be safe for our all friends snowed in by Stella, and if you're looking for something to watch, check out our midseason premiere guide and summer premiere schedule and start marking down what shows you need to be ready for.

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