New Walking Dead Images Reveal Sasha's Fate

As the headline indicates, spoilers are running rampant for anyone who hasn't seen the most recent episode of The Walking Dead.

With last Sunday night's "The Other Side," The Walking Dead drizzled emotional connections throughout, particularly between the pseudo rivals Sasha and Rosita, who bonded over their mutual strengths and talents, with Abraham only a piece of the puzzle. And that bonding convinced Sasha that Rosita was too good a Team Family soldier to sacrifice herself to take Negan down, so the former went into full kamikaze mode into The Sanctuary with guns blazing. Though there was some speculation that the gun-toting badass might already by a goner, Sasha will be around for at least one more week!

sasha the walking dead inside sanctuary

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Perhaps as a way of soothing fans' worries in the days before Season 7's penultimate episode, AMC released an extra handful of new images that show off Sasha sitting inside a room that resembles the opposite of a beachside margarita bar. It looks a lot like a shitty Sanctuary cell, and I'm guessing the accommodations will be on par with Daryl's recent stay. (0 stars on Yelping Dead.) It'll be hard to believe her solo ambush on the Saviors resulted in zero bullet-ridden bodies on the ground, so Negan will almost definitely want some form of revenge for the deaths. Assuming he's not completely in love, that is.

Seeing Sasha in a current living-and-breathing sense is comforting, but it's not the kind of comfort that one can rely on for very long. There are several factors going into fans' theories that Sasha will be the next big member of Rick's crew to take the fall in Season 7, from actress Sonequa Martin-Green's new gig on Star Trek: Discovery to how relatively similar the character's on-screen story is to a certain comic character's arc. By all means, it's possible she will live on, but she's in a very bad spot, and the only friend she has in close proximity has got the yellowest belly in the new world.

Speaking of, check out this new shot of Eugene in front of the "dipshit" sign.

scared eugene in sanctuary walking dead

(Image credit: Photo courtesy of AMC)

Eugene had an easy shot to escape The Sanctuary with Rosita - though that shadowy figure might not have allowed it - but he just got all whiny and freaked out about any attempted rescues. The dude is scared beyond belief, almost beyond viewer belief, and one has to wonder if he'll be a boon or a burden to Sasha inside the Sanctuary's walls. If he wasn't so good at lying, it might be easier to guess.

Next Sunday's episode, the last one before the big season finale, will also apparently bring a couple of other characters back into the fold. At least, assuming AMC's images aren't just red herrings. Head to the next page to see who else might get some time to shine, though outside of a dark and dingy cell.

carl hiding with gun walking dead

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Isn't it weird that Carl Grimes is a main character on The Walking Dead, but he's almost never around? He's only been seen in 6 of the 14 episodes that have aired so far, which isn't so much of a surprise, given this season's penchant for cordoning off episodic arcs. Plus, his one big episode - "Sing Me a Song" - was a faithful comic-to-TV take and was uncomfortable as all get-out.

But what about now? What's he doing out in the woods with a gun? Is he keeping watch on Rick during the next gun delivery? Is he watching out for Oceanside people? Is he running away from Enid, who can't stop talking about having the time to pick up melons slowly now? (That one Savior was an odd mate.) Hopefully he does indeed get to shoot something with it, and that it's the coolest scene ever.

father gabriel worried walking dead

(Image credit: Photo courtesy of AMC)

As we can all see above, Father Gabriel will also be back this week in some capacity. The last time we saw him doing cool shit, he was being held half-hostage by the Heapster weirdos and held one of them at knifepoint to make Rick's words heard. Though after that, he had nice life-affirming talks with Rosita and Rick. Now that the show has managed to fully round the character back to a likable place, which side of him will we see in "Something They Need" this weekend?

The Walking Dead will put Sasha back in our lives temporarily Sunday nights on AMC at 9:00 p.m. ET. Shamble over to our midseason premiere schedule and our summer premiere guide to see what shows you'll be replacing the AMC hit with in the near future.

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