Spoilers below for those who haven't yet watched The Walking Dead episode "Something They Need."

In the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead's world-building seventh season, the final track pieces were laid down to take viewers into the All Out War between Rick and Negan. At this point in the comics, Rick had already staged an attack at The Sanctuary, drawing Negan's explosive rebuttal, but the AMC drama introduced an interesting wrinkle when the deadly tyrant revealed someone explicitly went all stool pigeon -- because it was a "little birdie," after all -- by telling him that Rick was planning something.

So if Negan will be the one drawing weapons first here -- and I use "first" liberally, considering all the mayhem Team Family rained down on the Saviors in the past -- that makes the identity of the offending culprit that much more important. And so here, we've rounded up the most likely suspects who could have potentially signed everyone in Alexandria's death certificates, not to mention the other communities. Don't forget to let us know at the end who you think is responsible.


At any point earlier in the season, I would have assumed it impossible for Eugene to be capable of stabbing all of his fellow (relatively) kind-hearted survivors in the back with a metaphorical knife presented to him by Negan. But now that he's shown his true colors -- which are just various shades of yellow -- it's almost hard to believe that he'll do something to help the protagonists later on. And who has better opportunity and motivation than Eugene at this point? He knows everything Rick has going, and he called himself Negan almost immediately after entering The Sanctuary. All the proper Negan would have to do is threaten to pinch him with tweezers, and Eugene would squeal his darkest secrets.

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