There's nothing quite like a prank to mix things up on any TV show, and the characters who pull them off range from evil geniuses to playful punks to simple April Fools enthusiasts. Plenty of pranksters have hit the airwaves over the years, and some have been more entertaining than others.

Shows like Punk'd and Candid Camera and even Ellen have guaranteed plenty of nonfictional pranks worth a Youtube binge or two, but there's something to be said for how far fictional pranks can be taken and how much damage can be done without us needing to feel bad for laughing. So, in honor of April Fools Day 2017, check out our ranking of 9 legendary fictional TV pranksters!

9. Homegirl, Workaholics

Workaholics has featured plenty of pranks over the years, most of them orchestrated to not-quite-perfection by Blake, Adam, and/or Anders. If you don't like pranks, Workaholics is simply not the show for you. As it happens, however, the person with the best pranks is not one of the main three guys. The winner is actually none other than Kristy Howard-Clark, a.k.a. Homegirl, who managed to literally get the last laugh over the guys.

Crowning Moment Of Glory: Homegirl recorded a video to be played in the event of her death, and she used it to flash the guys, yell "Psych!" one last time, and claim the title of "Main Office Prankster for Life."

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