Watch Chris Evans Prank Elizabeth Olsen In Latest Awesome Ellen Scare

Viewers can always count on a good time when tuning in to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but celebrities don’t always have the same guarantee. In fact, an appearance on Ellen really raises the odds of being epically pranked on any given day. The latest celebrity to fall victim to a prank on Ellen was Elizabeth Olsen, and her scare came from none other than Captain America: Civil War co-star Chris Evans. Check it out!

As shown in the video, the show convinced Olsen there were QVC products in a bathroom where Evans was waiting to scare the celebrity.

Don’t be ashamed, Elizabeth Olsen. There are few of us who wouldn’t be at least a little bit enticed by QVC products to sample, and the man behind Captain America lunging up from a bathroom floor is definitely worth a shriek or two. Chris Evans is just lucky that Olsen doesn’t possess the same powers as her Marvel character Scarlet Witch, because he would not have been in good shape by the end of the clip. As it is, his reaction to the person popping up in the Iron Man onesie to snarl at him was probably better payback than Olsen or the Scarlet Witch could have managed. The prankster became the prankee, and it was fabulous.

It was nice to see how quickly Elizabeth Olsen recovered from Chris Evans popping up at her from the bathroom floor. She went from screaming to hugging to joking in a matter of seconds. Of course, Evans laughing so hard that he at first couldn’t even get up from the floor probably did a lot to allay her first fears.

I think my favorite thing about the video is that Chris Evans was completely unsuspecting that Ellen might have had something up her sleeve for him. Even knowing that Ellen has an indiscriminate habit of pranking her guests wasn’t enough to give him a clue that he could be on the receiving end this time around. Luckily, he’s a good sport with one of the most contagious laughs in showbiz, so his eagerness to see his own expression when he got his scare was a fun cap to the clip.

Chris Evans scaring Elizabeth Olsen is actually the second time that he pranked a co-star on Ellen. He snuck up on poor Scarlett Johannson while she was bantering with Ellen about Avengers: Uge of Ultron. The only way that Evans’ scare could have been better would have been if Johannson had been the person in the Iron Man onesie.

Frankly, all celebrities should really learn to be wary of that little wooden box that Ellen keeps by the couches. Chris Evans wasn’t the only person to be taken by surprise by somebody leaping out; Lauren Cohan got an unexpected greeting as well. At least Evans can be content in the fact that he’s not the only superhero actor to scream on Ellen. Ben Affleck had quite a reaction himself.

Elizabeth Olsen may have gotten the first scare during her trip to Ellen with Chris Evans, but she can at least rest easy knowing that he got as good as he gave by the end of their appearance. You can see Olsen and Evans together on the big screen when Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6, and don’t forget to check out our summer TV premiere schedule.

Laura Hurley
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