The Crazy Way Grimm Is Changing Things Up For The Series Finale

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Warning: spoilers ahead for the penultimate episode of Grimm, "Zerstörer Shrugged."

After six seasons, NBC's Grimm is almost at an end, and it seems determined to go out with a bang. The final season has been filled with all manner of twists and turns, and "Zerstörer Shrugged" just dealt the good guys a couple of major blows as they head into their very last episode next week. Grimm star David Giuntoli has come out to tease a big way that the series finale will change things up, and it should make for a crazy hour of TV. Giuntoli had this to say about the final episode:

We play with--this is a tease I haven't given anyone--the fabric of space-time in a way we have not yet seen. Imagine you're riding on a ray of light. Yes, we play with time. You're going to see the future, and you're going to see time jumps.

As if the series finale wasn't already going to be an emotional rollercoaster! Now, it's going to be a timeline rollercoaster as well? Geez. I'm glad David Giuntoli revealed that we're in for some space-time shenanigans already, because I may need a few days to prepare myself. Of course, many series finales do feature a time jump or two to show what characters are up to in the future, but it sounds like the Grimm finale will see our characters jumping around multiple times.

Hopefully there will be some fun involved in those time jumps. Grimm has always been a pretty dark show, and it got even darker than usual in "Zerstörer Shrugged" when the episode killed off none other than Hank and Wu, taken out by Zerstörer in the precinct. In case anybody somehow still doubted that the show would really pull out all the stops by the end, I'd say the deaths of Hank and Wu probably sealed the deal. The time jumps next week - and the fact that that this is Grimm - does mean that we could see Hank and Wu alive again in the finale, but it still wasn't easy to watch the guys go.

Unsurprisingly, David Giuntoli did not seem inclined to reveal in his chat with TVLine if we'd seen the last of Hank and Wu. He did, however, make a promise about how the finale would come to a close:

It ends. There's no like 'what happened' ambiguity. It is fully spelled out for you. People will be happy.

Whatever happens, at least it sounds like we won't be left with a cliffhanger. David Giuntoli's assurance that people will be happy does hint at a fate that isn't altogether terrible for all the characters, but Grimm being Grimm, we should probably expect some heart-wrenching twists by the end of next week's grand finale.

Tune in to NBC on Friday, March 31 at 8 p.m. ET to see the very last episode of Grimm, and don't forget to check out our midseason TV premiere schedule and our summer TV premiere schedule for a look at what you can watch after the series comes to an end. For a look at the shows that have been cancelled and renewed, be sure to take a look at our rundown of what decisions have been made.

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