There's A New Show About A Murder-Solving Murderer, And It Doesn't Involve Dexter

Dexter Harrow ABC International Australia

A vigilante forensic pathologist is doing whatever it takes to solve murders, and his name isn't Dexter Morgan, or even a pseudonym? Sorry, fans of the Bay Harbor Butcher, for we aren't returning to Miami anytime soon, but we do have some details on a new series that sounds like the same song and dance! ABC Studios International has ordered up a killer new Australian drama called Harrow that, despite its similarities, is totally unrelated to the popular serial killer series Dexter.

Harrow tells the story of forensic pathologist Dr. Daniel Harrow. Harrow is described as a smart yet unorthodox pathologist who does what it takes to solve crimes and find justice for the victims he deals with. When a dark secret emerges threatening to expose Harrow and destroy his life, however, the gloves come off and Harrow must work to keep his past mistake a secret from the world. ABC International, which will be collaborating with Hoodlum Entertainment and Australia Broadcasting Company, describes the series as darkly funny and irreverent (oddly enough), and states production will soon begin in Australia. The series is set for global distribution.

I'll be real here, Harrow sounds a lot like ABC International is trying to make Dexter in the outback, but that's not a bad thing! Plus, it seems like Harrow also sounds like a Dr. House-type character who did something really bad a long time ago and is constantly answering for it. Should the series make it's way over to the United States, I'd be curious to see how audiences here react, given the similarities between it and the Showtime hit series. Considering Americans don't often see imported series from other countries, I'm not sure we'll get the opportunity. That said, there's always a chance that if Harrow is a big hit in the markets it does run in, we could get our own Americanized version, which is not at all an uncommon occurrence.

Shows like The Office, Kitchen Nightmares, and Sanford And Son were all based on productions outside the U.S. that were reworked to become huge hits with American audiences. The science isn't always definite, as there are plenty of series that were huge hits overseas that just never clicked no matter how much "Murica" we slapped on it. Perhaps my favorite most recent example would be Gracepoint, the canceled FOX crime drama based on the highly successful U.K. drama Broadchurch. Gracepoint took the story, the lead actor (David Tennant), and buzz of Broadchurch and it still wasn't enough to be nearly as successful is its original series. Would casting Michael C. Hall help or hurt here?

Should Harrow come from the land down under to the United States, we'll be sure to let you know. Personally, I'm rooting for it, as a Dexter revival isn't ever likely to happen. If you're sad you don't have a new crime show to check out at the moment visit our midseason premiere guide or summer premiere schedule to scan the list of new shows on the way. I guarantee you'll find something to get excited about.

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