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How The Flash's Savitar Will Connect With Legends Of Tomorrow

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Now that we know that Barry Allen is, in fact, Savitar, it feels as though we have more questions now that we've been given the answer. One of those questions is how Savitar fits into that message future Barry Allen sent to The Legends Of Tomorrow prior to the "Invasion" crossover. Andrew Kreisberg confirms that message will indeed be relevant once again in a coming episode of The Flash:

Someone does point out that suddenly that message makes a lot of sense.

Well, considering only Barry Allen, Oliver Queen, Professor Stein and Jefferson Jackson heard that message, we can assume it's one of them that brings it up. While EW seems to indicate The Flash team has it all figured out, I'm still trying to scratch my head and make sense of it! We've already met future Barry Allen, and he wasn't evil. Is it possible that he had a change of heart down the line and is now looking to exact revenge on the same Barry who helped bring him out of his funk?

That seems unlikely if you remember the message The Legends Of Tomorrow heroes shared with Barry and Oliver. Remember, Barry Allen's warning instructed Rip Hunter not to trust anyone in the future, including himself. That message takes place 40 years from now, which means that it was sent by the recently met 2024 Barry Allen 32 years later. Now, it's possible that 2017 Barry could've run 40 years into the future to record this message to keep the flow of time consistent, but that weathered voice makes it appear as though Barry traveled through time the long way to deliver that message. For that reason, I don't think Savitar is the same Barry we met eight years into the future, although the future can be screwy at times.

The message sent talks about how the events of the past and future have now been compounded by Barry's time travel, so perhaps in the same way Flashpoint arcs back into the present timeline, it's possible that it also branches back out towards the future and creates alternate realities? That seems likely, as what incentive would Savitar Barry Allen have in forewarning Rip Hunter and The Legends Of Tomorrow that he could be evil when they return? Could we be meeting the Barry Allen who sent this message before Season 3 ends? Why did he wait so long to send that message when he's aware what's happening in the present? Why does every answer in this season of The Flash lead to more questions?!

Make sure your DVR is set for a new episode May 9th at 8 p.m. ET on The CW, and also double check the finale date to make sure your schedule is cleared for that. Once The Flash wraps up, be sure to check out the smorgasbord of other television returning or debuting over the next couple months!

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