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Though its title was quickly found to be a lie, as most things related to Tandy are, The Last Man on Earth has been a show like no others on TV. From the character dynamics of Todd and Melissa's relationship to the surrogate-family struggles between Carol and Gail, the show never fails to veer into new and unpredictable directions. And you can pretty much gauge when those new mini-eras of the show are happening, as evidenced by whatever instantly noticeable hairstyle Will Forte is donning as the soddenly optimistic Tandy.

To celebrate Last Man on Earth's upcoming Season 3 finale, which looks to be as ridiculous and shock-filled as past finales have been, we decided to look back and stare wistfully at all of the wild and befuddling hairstyles that Will Forte has taken upon his skull in the name of comedy.

will forte crazy hair last man on earth tandy

The O.G. Shag

When The Last Man on Earth premiered in 2015, Will Forte's beard appeared as if it could house a family of birds, had there actually been any birds around in this universe to submit themselves to a dishonorable existence within a pathological liar's beard. This was the hairdo/beard combo against which all of Will Forte's other looks would be compared. And most would lose.

will forte crazy hair last man on earth tandy

The Faux Party In The Back

No, Will Forte didn't suddenly grow out a ton of blondish hair in the early weeks of Season 1, but we got to see what he might look like if a ton of blondish hair did suddenly burst form his scalp. And lo, it was a two-toned atrocity that called upon the end of times as only Joe Dirt would see fit.

will forte crazy hair last man on earth tandy

The Suspicious Prom Date

After Kristen Schaal's Carol came into the picture, then-Phil had to clean up his act. At least the "hair on his head" side of that act, since he definitely didn't stop bullshitting anyone. After marrying Carol, Phil went for the baby-fresh look to impress January Jones' newcomer Melissa, and even though looking like Ted Bundy's tutor isn't what screwed things up, it didn't help.

will forte crazy hair last man on earth tandy

The Jungle Tour Guide

This wasn't so much a particular hairstyle as just the kind of thing that happens to a person's head and face after they've been stuck atop a billboard for a while in the middle of the Tuscon heat. And yet it looks perfectly natural hovering over the sunburn-goggles peeling off of Phil-into-Tandy's face. He looks like the guy who would point to show Macgruber where the bad guy went.

will forte crazy hair last man on earth tandy

The Back To Basics

After all the follicle-infused madness of Season 1, The Last Man on Earth brought Tandy back around to his pre-companion self with a face full of beard. I like to think that Tandy doesn't really have chest hair, but rather just a beard that didn't get the memo that it was supposed to stop at the throat area.

will forte crazy hair last man on earth tandy

The Asymmetrical Nightmare

With the above look, which Will Forte pulled off in real life while filming the show, The Last Man on Earth came as close to a hair-based optical illusion as possible, and one with an "evil side" that you just can't distinguish. While most would want to go back in time to decide against going this route, Forte rocked it for a half-dozen episodes or so, and others lived to tell about it.

will forte crazy hair last man on earth tandy

The Brows Of Steel

After Tandy lost his brother Mike, at least as far as everyone assumes, he no longer donned the half-hair vibe, instead going full-shaven. But because Carol couldn't tell what his emotions were, he donned fake eyebrows to help that along. It was a time of mourning for Tandy, so even though the only hair he had was fake at the time, it was still a window into his soul.

will forte crazy hair last man on earth tandy

The Bizarro Brows Of Steel

Most recently, The Last Man on Earth took a surprising six-month leap into the future, at which point both Tandy and Todd had grown their facial hair back. Well, partly, since it turned out Tandy actually couldn't grow part of his hair back, particularly in the eyebrow area. It's unclear at this point what it could mean, but we bet he'll lash out soon about it.

The Last Man on Earth will say farewell to audiences for the summer with an hour-long season finale airing on Fox on Sunday, May 7, at 9:00 p.m. Head to our big finale rundown to see when your other favorite shows are ending, and then check out our summer TV schedule to see when the rest of TV will be back.