Though its title was quickly found to be a lie, as most things related to Tandy are, The Last Man on Earth has been a show like no others on TV. From the character dynamics of Todd and Melissa's relationship to the surrogate-family struggles between Carol and Gail, the show never fails to veer into new and unpredictable directions. And you can pretty much gauge when those new mini-eras of the show are happening, as evidenced by whatever instantly noticeable hairstyle Will Forte is donning as the soddenly optimistic Tandy.

To celebrate Last Man on Earth's upcoming Season 3 finale, which looks to be as ridiculous and shock-filled as past finales have been, we decided to look back and stare wistfully at all of the wild and befuddling hairstyles that Will Forte has taken upon his skull in the name of comedy.

The O.G. Shag

When The Last Man on Earth premiered in 2015, Will Forte's beard appeared as if it could house a family of birds, had there actually been any birds around in this universe to submit themselves to a dishonorable existence within a pathological liar's beard. This was the hairdo/beard combo against which all of Will Forte's other looks would be compared. And most would lose.

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