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With only a couple episodes left before the Season 2 finale of Supergirl, things are not looking good for Kara at the moment. Luckily, she won't be going at things entirely alone as executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says she'll have her mentors Superman and Cat Grant returning for some support:

This is Kara's darkest hour. It's perfect that she has both Superman and Cat, who are these great stabilizing influences in her life --- Cat, who tends to have a good handle on what Kara needs, and Clark has a pretty good handle on what Supergirl needs. She needs them both desperately because she's faced with some truly awful decisions to make in the finale and choices that affect her both as Kara and as Supergirl. Having her surrogate mother and surrogate brother there to make these decisions, it's good to have them there.

Both Clark and Cat's penultimate return are welcome as things are certainly heating up, what with the fleet of Daxamite ships looking to turn National City and the world into "New Daxam". With Mon-El back with his mother, it's gonna be an all out war on Earth that Kara will definitely need Clark and the rest of the team for. I can also see Cat Grant serving her purpose in helping Kara get her head right for what is sure to be a series of tough decisions. If Mon-El was unable to kill his evil mother Rhea to stop her plans, will he rise up and stop Kara from doing what she has to do when the time comes? Would Kara even have something like that in her? These so-called "awful decisions" mentioned above have me really wondering how dark this hour can get for our heroine. As bad as things look right now, I can't see how this situation gets resolved without some considerable bloodshed.

Honestly, considering the confirmation that one of Superman's greatest foes will make a brief appearance on Supergirl, I'm not even sure having Clark and Cat will be enough to dig Kara out of this. It's bad enough a full out invasion is taking place, but throwing someone as destructive as General Zod into the mix has me questioning how Kara, even with the help of her cousin, can find a way to put all this to rest. All guesses regarding Cat and Superman's pivotal role in helping Kara save National City are welcome, as Andrew Kreisberg tells EW we'll be "shocked at both of their appearances," and nothing else beyond that. Maybe Cat will finally reveal she knew Kara was Supergirl all along?

We'll be getting an answer come Monday as Cat Grant and Clark Kent appear once more on Supergirl this Monday at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Once we reach Monday, we're only a week out from the exciting Zod featured finale so make sure you've set your DVR and maybe bookmark our finale guide as a reminder so you don't forget. With yet another superhero show reaching its finale now is as good a time as any to begin the search for those next shows that will carry you into the Fall season. Head over to our summer premiere guide to find a show that can tide you over for a while.

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