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Clark Gregg Has The Most Epic Idea For An Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode

Agent Coulson in a doorway

With three shared universes currently occupying TV and film, it seems like the possibility for crossovers is more likely than ever. These moments of acknowledgement and hat tipping feels intensely gratifying for fans who have spent their time and money following superheroic adventures across the years. Of course, it's easier said than done, with the MCU still showing no signs of TV and film characters interacting anytime soon. But Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Clark Gregg has his own plan for a massive crossover-filled episode, and it absolutely bananas.

Clark Gregg is one of the few TV MCU actors that began in the films, appearing in a variety of the movies in Phase One. In a recent Reddit AMA, Gregg revealed his master plan for the biggest crossover in history, saying:

Dream storyline involves saving the Defenders and the Avengers and the Guardians and the Royal Family and everyone in Legion when they get themselves in trouble with Thanos. In a musical episode by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Well, isn't that an amalgamation of pop culture references? Obviously Clark Gregg was kidding here, but I find his dry wit thoroughly enjoyable.

Not only does Clark Gregg want to have the Agents interact with the Avengers, but he's also going to add the Guardians of the Galaxy and Defenders in for good measure. And in order to include every pop culture reference possible, Gregg made sure to include the Royal Family, and while we're sure he's referring to ABC's upcoming super-squad the Inhumans, he might be shooting for poshness with the Netflix' hit The Crown. Topping it off with a musical number by Hamilton writer Lin-Manuel Miranda, Gregg threw in everything and the kitchen sink for this bit, and I feel like it paid off.

Clark Gregg is obviously well aware of fan outcry for more crossovers. While the first few season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. closely related to the events of the MCU's silver screen adventures, it's petered out significantly since Joss Whedon departed Marvel. But I'm sure every interview or press Junket Gregg goes on ends up turning to the possibility of a crossover, which he's had to unfortunately deny for years.

Calls for MCU crossovers have only gotten louder since Netflix began introducing its superhero properties. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and the rest of The Defenders have done a great job at interacting with each other, as well as referencing big MCU moments and characters every now and then. And with the MCU fandom falling fast for the small screen stars, they're dying to see New York's heroes interact with the likes of Tony Stark or Spider-Man.

Alas, there are still no plans to make these types of crossovers happen, so let's all just be happy with what we've got. Both the films and TV series have continued to grow in popularity and scope, so MCU fans still have it pretty lucky. Although Clark Gregg's suggestion for more hip hop musical numbers is the most hilariously ridiculous idea, and I challenge Marvel to make it happen.

Corey Chichizola

Corey was born and raised in New Jersey. Double majored in theater and literature during undergrad. After working in administrative theater for a year in New York, he started as the Weekend Editor at CinemaBend. He's since been able to work himself up to reviews, phoners, and press junkets-- and is now able to appear on camera with some of his famous actors... just not as he would have predicted as a kid.