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The Fear Factor Reboot Has A Trailer, And There Are Definitely Bugs In It

Fear Factor, the most twisted game show ever devised, has gotten a reboot, just in case you weren't aware. Now we have our first look at the new show, and there are definitely bugs involved, and all the other stuff that made you squirm when you first watched. Check out the trailer below and continue on:

Minus the host switch from Joe Rogan to Ludacris, this looks very much like the Fear Factor I remember from back in the day. Some other differences you might notice is that the show, which premieres May 30th, has a new home on MTV. That channel typically means younger faces are to be involved, as well as some vocabulary you might need a slang dictionary for, should you be a little above the millennial age range.

Fear Factor will feature the classic challenges you know and love, and it'll also work to target that oh-so-lucrative-to-advertisers millennial audience with challenges specific to their age range. That is evidenced by the helicopter scene; if you freeze frame at 31 seconds in, you'll see the guy holding onto the helicopter is attempting to take a selfie. While you wrap your head around how millennials respond to that, I just want to know if Luda let that helicopter in the intro actually fly that close to his head, or if they shot the whole thing via green screen.

The first episode of Fear Factor looks like it's going to center on siblings as they compete for $50,000. Looking at those zeroes, it's easy for many to say we'd sign whatever waiver to face our biggest fear, but anyone who's seen the show knows it's just not that simple. Furthermore, some of the stuff like hanging from a helicopter or parking a car on a moving truck seem flat out physically difficult on top of being equally horrifying as being trapped in a glass box with snakes.

I guess what I'm saying here is, I'm probably going to be watching MTV on Tuesday night to live out fantasies I'd never actually want to experience. I wonder since the show is on MTV now if it will attempt some of the raunchier stunts that NBC flat out banned when it was on there?

Tune in for a night of insanity that I'm sure will be both fast and furious, as Ludacris hosts MTV's Fear Factor on Tuesday, May 30th, at 10 p.m. ET. That's not the only thing coming to television next week, so if you aren't in the know, make sure you get there using our handy guide so you don't miss anything great. While you're at it, you should also click on over to our renewal guide as we saw a lot of shows come and go in the past couple weeks and something you love may be gone.

Mick Joest

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