How Many People Actually Watched The Twin Peaks Premiere

Twin Peaks, Laura Palmer whispering to Cooper

I'm not sure if you've heard, but there's some show called Twin Peaks, which returned last weekend after some 25 years. Given the sheer volume of marketing and buzz, you probably do know about it and might have tuned into Showtime on Sunday to check out all the hubbub. Well, the hubbub is real and the show got almost overwhelming positive praise from critics. But, how many people actually tuned in to watch? It turns out it was only a modest amount of people, but don't be fooled by the numbers because the owls are not what they seem.

Twin Peaks returned on May 21 and according to Deadline, only 619,000 viewers in Live+3 tuned in for the two-part premiere. This led to some publications running some less than kind headlines about the debut. However, we can't forget that in this modern age, people are digesting their TV less and less at the time it premieres and more at their own leisure. This is done through DVR and streaming apps. Deadline further reports that Twin Peaks saw a good boom in viewership with a total number of 1.7 million across all platforms by Friday. So, somewhere around a million people are watching Twin Peaks through other platforms, such as Showtime Anytime and Showtime On Demand.

Per Showtime, the return of David Lynch's iconic series has led to a record number of signups for Showtime's streaming services in one weekend. Not only that, but Twin Peaks also has the most streaming viewers ever for an original series debut and for any Showtime original to date.

So, a lot of people have tuned in, but the big question here is if this number will drop in any major way. Twin Peaks will run mostly uninterrupted for the rest of the summer with an 18 episode series. Showtime released the next two episodes of the series for those who signed up for a Showtime subscription, so it's likely that there will be some drop off for this week, seeing as how many people have already watched the episodes. We also can't forget that anyone who was curious yet unfamiliar with the show may stop watching soon. With its unapologetic weirdness, Twin Peaks isn't for everyone, and so far, the series doesn't have a central murder mystery plot to keep some viewers invested. Or I could be totally wrong and it continues to be a phenomenon.

Twin Peaks certainly didn't miss a beat in the 25 years it's been gone. The premiere episodes were as weird as you can imagine and it pushes your patience to the breaking point. Just real classic Twin Peaks. You can catch new episodes on Sunday's on Showtime and it's various services. Make sure to check out everything we know about the revival.

Matt Wood

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