New Twin Peaks Video Is David Lynch At His Oddest

With 2016 holding out for another couple of weeks, we still aren't living in a year that will give us a new season of Twin Peaks, though we've been used to that ever since it first got cancelled. 2017 will bring fervent audiences back to the mysterious and absurd small town, however, and co-creator David Lynch himself is at the center of a bonkers new teaser that is sure to work up your appetite. For the show's return, sure, but also for yummy fried dough.

Yes! That isn't just David Lynch sitting there, folks. (I mean, it is, but you know.) This is our first big look at a returning character in the part, as Lynch will indeed be reprising the role of Gordon Cole, who was the FBI's Regional Bureau Chief in the original series. In true Lynchian fashion, this is a mildly subversive re-introduction to the character; Gordon was most notable for having a hearing problem, which made him speak very loudly at all times, often with hilarious results. But here, he's got his mouth full of doughnut the entire time, so he isn't speaking. And he's not even chewing loudly. I guess we should be glad he's not sitting inside a Starbucks for the promo.

TV ads have changed immensely in the 25 years since Twin Peaks was first around, and it's good to see that David Lynch is keeping up with the Surreal Joneses in that respect. At this point, without a release date set in stone, fans are at the mercy of David Lynch and Showtime when it comes to seeing actual footage from the show. But I don't mind an endless stream of mini-teasers if they're going to be as left field as this.

I guess calling this a teaser is bordering on wrong, since it isn't really teasing anything. Unless the whole season is about Gordon's dessert time. I'm not against it.

That said, it would be nice to get some concrete facts about where the story is headed for the plethora of returning characters, as well as all of the new folks. (Seriously, this cast is massive.) We know it'll be something of a straightforward continuation - as much as Lynchian reality allows, anyway - and there are a lot of questions that need to be answered about where that Season 2 finale left things off for Dale Cooper and everyone else. But mostly Dale, because duh.

Twin Peaks, which was meant to feature a return cameo from David Bowie, will be back for its limited series run on Showtime in 2017, although finding a more specific date than that will be a tad more difficult. (Find out more about the new season, including that gigantic cast, right here.) If only Gordon would yell it to someone so we could overhear it. In any case, head to our midseason premiere schedule to see everything you'll be able to watch before Agent Dale Cooper returns to our lives.

Nick Venable
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