One of the most beloved and influential TV series of the past 30 years, Twin Peaks was both a ratings hit and a future cult classic all at the same time, and co-creator David Lynch has rarely been more on point than he was during the show's run. (Well, "Half of the show's run," is what a lot of people say, but I'm a shameless apologist for the second half of Season 2.) In one of the wildest decisions ever made, Showtime got behind a limited revival of the surreal murder mystery, and what follows is everything we know about it. Put on a big pot of coffee or two and read on.

When Will The Twin Peaks Revival Air?

Currently, neither showtime nor David Lynch (nor any other mysterious entities) have revealed just when Twin Peaks will make its official return to our televisions, but it's coming in 2017. It should surprise no one that the very first answer on this feature is a mystery; It's been two years since the revival was first teased to be heading to Showtime, though the rumors go back further in the past. 2016 was the original release window for the limited-run series, but it took a little longer than expected for everything to start coming together. It began filming in September of 2015, which seems like enough time to having something ready to go in 2016, but it was announced at the beginning of the year that viewers would have to wait until "sometime in 2017" to see what people are up to in the quirky northwestern town.

What Have We Seen From The Twin Peaks Revival?

Considering production for the next season of Twin Peaks is currently in progress - at least, that's what I have to assume, since we haven't heard 400 back-and-forth stories about filming being interrupted and continuously delayed - there's no telling when audiences will get to experience a full-length trailer chock full of unsettling images and gloomy music. But even though it wasn't anything extensive, the show did put out a teaser when production started, and you can watch that below.

Not much to it, but it really doesn't take much when Angelo Badalamenti's theme is playing in the background. It's powerful enough to lull one into slumber, only to suddenly then fill the dreamscape with abstractions and absurdities. Will Twin Peaks still have the same population all this time later? We can't wait to find out.

What Will The Twin Peaks Revival Be About?

Only nine episodes were originally planned for the return of Twin Peaks, but after the dust from the budgetary problems had settled and agreements were made, it was announced that audiences will get a full 18 episodes from the upcoming season/iteration. Does that mean we won't get more later? Not at all, but let's not count our cherries before they're pied.

Even in this era of spoilers and leaks, David Lynch's cloak of mystery is as strong as ever, and nobody really knows what to expect from Twin Peaks as far as significant details are concerned. It was previously announced that the new season will be a full-on continuation of the original series, and will pick up 25 years after Season 2 came to a cliffhanger close with Agent Dale Cooper exiting the Black Lodge as his evil shadow self. The long-awaited book by co-creator and producer Mark Frost will finally come out this year, so perhaps that will clue fans in on what's been up with our favorite characters. Both the ones who speak normally and the ones who have it all backwards.

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