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Kathy Griffin's Severed Donald Trump Head Picture Just Cost Her A Major TV Gig

The following story contains very graphic content. Kathy Griffin has since apologized for the video, which featured a severed Donald Trump head covered in blood, but the video has continued to circulate and the story isn't losing any steam. This article contains a still frame from that video. It is very disturbing, and if you would prefer not to see it, CinemaBlend has many other articles to choose from.

Throughout her extremely polarizing career, comedian Kathy Griffin has built up a reputation for taking potshots at celebrities and entertainers, but she definitely reached an uncomfortable apex this week thanks to a controversial photo shoot. A video from the shoot made its way online, showing Griffin holding a bloody mask made to look like Donald Trump's severed head, which predictably set the Internet ablaze. The former reality star's career, as well as her public image, is taking a pummeling, and CNN has announced it's severing ties with Griffin, essentially ending the only regular TV gig she still had.

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Since 2007, when she was first tapped as a host, Kathy Griffin has been a major part of CNN's annual New Year's Even coverage. And many of her fans and CNN's regular viewers championed her partnership with network regular Anderson Cooper for their zippy quips and over-the-top antics, as opposed to the music-filled spectacles on other channels. As such, it was as important a part of her TV career as her Bravo series My Life on the D-List and the former NBC sitcom Suddenly Susan. (Not to mention her record-breaking number of stand-up TV specials.) But even though she provided a public apology, CNN ultimately came to the decision that parting ways with Griffin would be the best move.

Considering the widespread backlash that the image has received, it's not surprising that CNN landed on that choice. Outrage was expressed from both major parties, as well as those in between, and the network likely wouldn't have easily lived it down had execs not decided to axe Kathy Griffin from future New Year's Eve specials. Fox News has fired some major names in the recent past, and even though the situations are completely different, CNN got a lot of pre-flak from people calling for Griffin's ousting from the outset.

Aside from her public apology for the tasteless images, Griffin likely won't be seen or heard too much in the immediate future, since the image won't soon be scrubbed from people's memories. You can find it below in its original form, coupled with another bothersome story.

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So while you won't be seeing Kathy Griffin on CNN, and possibly most other channels, in the near to far future, you can check out everything that definitely is coming to TV with our summer TV schedule.

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