Brendan Fraser Just Landed His Next Big TV Gig

Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser's comeback tour continues, as he just landed his next big TV gig. If you missed his latest television stint on The Affair, you'll have another shot as Fraser dons the role of a private investigator in an upcoming FX drama that is based on a rich oil family and some impossibly true events. Here's what we know about Fraser's character in the upcoming series Trust.

In its first installment, Trust centers on the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III, the grandson to the head of the Getty oil empire J. Paul Getty. Set in 1973, Brendan Fraser plays the private investigator for J. Paul Getty, James Fletcher Chace. Chace is described as an eccentric from Texas but regarded as a "master fixer." Fraser steps into the shoes of real-life investigator Chace, and one of the weirdest true life stories you'll ever hear about a rich person getting kidnapped.

I won't spoil the details (although you can look them up yourself if you're all that eager), but let's just say the Getty family wrote the book on ridiculous hostage negotiation tactics. Seriously, just reading the events of how this obscenely rich family handled this whole situation is one of those things you almost have to believe is fiction so that you can stomach it. Trust is set to begin production this June and is expected to premiere January 2018 on FX.

Brendan Fraser is featured alongside an all-star cast that features Hilary Swank, Donald Sutherland and directing from Danny Boyle. Trust will be the second television project Fraser is currently lined up for in 2018 as the actor is also expected to appear in another series, Condor, which will be an AT&T Audience Network drama. As mentioned previously, Fraser's most recent television stint was as prison guard John Gunther on Season 3 of The Affair.

While Fraser's star power has been on the decline for the past decade, perhaps in small part to some personal issues, the actor has stayed busy in Hollywood through a handful of indie projects, voice acting, and small roles. If things with Trust go well, I imagine we might see Fraser boost back into the spotlight, and perhaps see his face on the red carpet more often than not. As someone who loved The Mummy films and George Of The Jungle, I certainly hope that is the case.

We'll have to wait until January 2018 before we see Brendan Fraser on Trust, but when you have a plethora of new shows premiering every day on television, the wait feels manageable. Make sure you're aware of what's premiering and when by bookmarking our summer premiere guide. You can also keep tabs on your favorite shows that have recently ended and their status for next season with our renewal guide, as well.

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