How The Leftovers' Final Scene Is The Right Ending, According To Damon Lindelof

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As The Leftovers heads into its finale tomorrow night, undoubtedly some fans are wondering if the ending Damon Lindelof wrote will be as controversial as the one for Lost. While Lindelof doesn't have much to say about the ending to his latest series versus his prior, he does want to ensure people he believes that The Leftovers final scene is the right ending. Lindelof says the writers were holed up for two weeks just pitching and figuring out how the final scene to the series would play out, and shares more about that experience below:

There was a lot of spirited conversation, a lot of emotion at the table. It was my feeling that we would not stop until all the writers agreed we had the right ending and the most authentic ending. We put blinders on, and then we did not deviate.

As for how fans will react to this ending, Damon Lindelof states that he might be "the least qualified person," to answer that question. While Lindelof indicates to EW that the writing staff is satisfied with the ending, he also states that it's nearly impossible to predict how fans will react to a series finale. As a fan who has watched this season in half confusion and awe every episode, I can relate as I have no idea what to expect out of tomorrow's episode.

Obviously, the hanging question The Leftovers has asked all of Season 3 is what will happen on the seventh anniversary of the Departure. Will fans finally see the world end, or will it be another one of those moments where everything descends into chaos and no supernatural phenomena is to blame? Of course, Damon Lindelof knows the answer to that question, but he's not telling fans whether or not they'll see the world end. Regardless of how fans will react, Lindelof says that he feels the ending the writers came up with is the right way to end things.

I find it to be immensely satisfying and true to the show. But it's possible that the audience will have an entirely different reaction to it.

True to the show makes me wonder if this whole thing ends open ended, but I'll reserve my thoughts on that for after tomorrow's finale. The Leftovers finale airs June 4th at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. After it ends, be sure to visit our guide to find another show to replace the void in your Sunday nights until Game Of Thrones returns. If you were blindsided by the fact that tomorrow is the final episode in the series, be sure to visit our finale guide so you don't get shocked again and know when all your favorite shows are ending!

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