Why Star Trek: Discovery Kept Being Delayed, According To The Producer

Star Trek: Discovery

After over 10 years of waiting, a new Star Trek show is finally about to become a reality, but it sure hasn't been an easy road. Star Trek: Discovery was first announced by CBS in 2015 with an initial release date of January 2017. Well, January has come and gone and Discovery is still nowhere to be seen. The show is currently slated for a new release date for later this fall and producer Alex Kurtzman explains why it's taken just so long for Star Trek: Discovery to make it on to television.

We postponed our schedule because the truth is we did not want to put out something that was subpar, and as the vision expanded we started feeling like we weren't gonna be able to deliver the scope and the scale that was on the page. And CBS was extremely supportive in saying, 'Okay you know what, this is streaming, it's not like we have to beat out right away, let's do the best version of this, Trek is too important for all of us.

Alex Kurtzman -- the director of this weekend's The Mummy -- having been a writer and producer on the Star Trek film franchise, is also a producer on Star Trek: Discovery. The show has suffered a few delays over the course of its productions and will now be premiering in the fall of 2017. Delays never exactly shout good news, so Kurtzman spoke with Collider to explain that the delays were a result of needed time to make the show the best that it possibly could be. The fact that Discovery will only be streaming on CBS All-Access, means that there isn't really the rush that there would be if it were only airing on broadcast TV.

Alex Kurtzman's comments are justifiable but it's no secret that the production of Star Trek: Discovery has been less than easy. Popular TV producer Bryan Fuller was initially onboard as showrunner before somewhat abruptly announcing his departure. Apparently, that was so he could devote more time to American Gods (a move that so far seems to have worked out for everyone) but it was still a major loss for Discovery. A shifting of writers and producers followed, with Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberg now serving as showrunners.

However, despite the troubles, there's still a lot to be excited about for the new Star Trek series. The first trailer for the show helped generate some positive buzz, and it possesses a star-studded and diverse cast. Plus, as Alex Kurtzman told Collider, there's likely going to be a good amount of celebrity cameos to boot. All in all, there's still reasons to believe Star Trek: Discovery will deliver on all fronts.

Star Trek: Discovery will debut sometime later this fall. To keep up to date on all the upcoming shows for the summer, make sure to check out our summer TV premiere guide.

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