Supergirl Is Going Through A Big Behind The Scenes Change

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Supergirl is going through some big changes in Season 3. In front of the camera we've already heard teases of a new superhero team, the new villain we can expect to see, and an actress we'll see a lot less of. And now we're learning of a behind the scenes shake up that is sure to affect the show in some way. Ali Adler, co-creator, co-showrunner, and executive producer of Supergirl, is stepping down to handle other projects for The CW.

Deadline tells us Ali Adler has joined CBS TV Studios under a new deal, which will allow her to develop new content for CBS and its networks. She'll also be a consult on the upcoming reboot drama on The CW, Dynasty. Adler, who was a big part of Supergirl behind the scenes in both Season 1 and Season 2, will still serve as an executive consultant to the series, but only on a part time basis. Andrew Kreisberg, who has served as a co-showrunner in both seasons, will remain with the series and be joined by two familiar faces who will share Adler's former role for Season 3 of the series.

Andrew Kreisberg will be joined by both Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner in Supergirl Season 3, as the two Supergirl veterans see a promotion from previous roles in the show. Deadline reports Both Queller and Rovner joined the series midway through Season 1 under the roles of co-executive producer and consulting producer. Rovner was upgraded to executive producer in Season 2, and Queller will become one as well in Season 3. While the loss of Ali Adler will surely be felt, it appears the Supergirl team has placed two people in her role who are more than familiar with the show, and the direction it's been heading since Season 1.

Showrunner shakeups are not uncommon in television, so fans who may be worrying about how Ali Adler's departure shouldn't be too alarmed by the news. Supergirl still has The CW rockstar Andrew Kreisberg at the helm, as well as Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner, who entered the series not too long after Adler. The Supergirl team still has access to Adler as a consultant, should they need to call upon whatever flair was lost when she exited the show; so the series should be able to continue without a significant change being noticed by the casual television fan.

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