When The Walking Dead dropped its Season 7 premiere on fans in October, fans were subjected to one of the most horrifying sequences in not only the history of the AMC drama, but of TV in general. And in the weeks that followed, the show continued forth down its dark and lightly censored past, winning over some fans (like myself) while losing other audience members. Several of those less-than-happy viewers brought their grievances to the FCC, and we've pulled together a handful of the wildest and most intense complaints that were available.

I'm going against my better instincts here by starting off with my favorite of the bunch, and it won't take long to understand why I'm particularly fond of it. (Note that all complaints are presented almost exactly as they were sent to the FCC, with mild exceptions like capitalizing and italicizing The Walking Dead.)

The Walking Dead season 7 premiere has left my daughter and I psychologically traumatized! We are not the overly protective parents although we do monitor what our 12 year old watches, as should all parents. This show she watches only with us because it contains gore. But last night's premiere went far beyond what I ever thought was legal to show on TV. I did have our 12 year old turn away after a favorite character's head was bashed in and his eye protruding from his skull was shown, but it was too late and she was hysterically crying. As much as I tried to be strong, I myself couldn't stop crying.The intensity of a beloved character babbling nonsense due to the severe head trauma and with his eye out of his head, and still the camera on him while he's sadistically tortured was by far the most traumatizing thing I have ever seen in my 44 years of living. I could not even sleep and I know I will not get that gruesome display of torture out of my mind ever. To say we will never watch that show again goes without saying. But the creators or the network should be heavily fined and reprimanded at the very least. I find it unconscionable that they did not know that such gruesome gore and pschological [sic] torture is unfit for TV but aired it anyway. Someone must stop this from ever happening again.

I think it's safe to say that this completely shaken viewer probably wasn't watching the midseason finale, and that if he or she had been, another whopper of a complaint would have been sent about the particularly vicious moment that happened therein. I do not wish to make fun of this person's traumatized 12-year-old daughter, since Glenn's death was indeed super gross, especially for a kid. But I do want to congratulate this parent for making it 44 years in life without going through anything more traumatizing than this fictional TV scene (that absolutely and definitely cannot happen again).

And now, a complaint that threatens to be more obscene than the scene in question.

Last night, during the Season 7 premier of The Walking Dead, the show depicted over-the-top grotesque violence, heads getting smashed in with a barbed wire baseball bat. These scenes included the head getting hit with the bat, the mangled faces with eyeballs popping out, the brain matter and blood oozing out and the gratuitous and obscene violence-porn of pulverizing the heads into nothing. It should not be the FCCs purview to ignore these senseless acts of obscene violence just because they happen to be on a cable channel. This is not healthy television viewing and could of been handled artistically in manner much less likely to cause public harm.

Wowzers, guys. Minus all the typos, I think this viewer could have a future in the genre. So many adjectives and hard-edged phrasings. I almost want to write to the FCC to complain about that complaint, which was acquired by The Daily Dot, since the TV watchdogs are always harder on language than onscreen violence.

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