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Live feed spoilers ahead! Big Brother Season 19 has officially begun, and there's already some major drama in the house. In addition to Cameron's eviction, there was also apparently one more houseguest departure between Day 1 and the time the feeds came back on.

This information comes from live feed reports since the Big Brother Live Feeds came on after last night's Part 2 of the season premiere. If you don't want to be spoiled on who's gone from the house, read no further and tune in for the episode on Sunday night!

Once again, SPOILER WARNING! This article contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds, including who's currently nominated, and which houseguest has left the house.

Head of Household:


Currently Nominated:



Previously evicted:


Reportedly left the house:


Megan Big Brother 19

Previously nominated Megan is gone. Her picture on the memory wall can be seen in black and white, and reports from Jokers imply that she left the house by her own choosing. Update: According to a response to a fan on snapchat, her departure may not have been voluntary.

It's hard to know exactly what happened with Megan. It was confusing enough in Thursday night's episode, when Josh seemed to randomly throw his rage in her direction after taking the safety apple. My assumption watching that was that he was just looking for someone to blame for why he claimed to feel unsafe. The fact that he didn't seem to have much evidence to support his reason for blaming her, beyond a general vibe, added to his tears earlier suggested maybe he was just overreacting and trying to unload some of the shade he was bringing on himself onto another houseguest. I'm still not entirely sure what happened there, and with no feeds to watch pre-premiere, we might never really know why Josh was so upset, or whether or not Megan brought any of that onto herself.

But the feeds are on now, and Megan is nowhere in sight. Based on last night's reports, Raven apparently said something on the feeds about Alex confronting Megan about lying, and how Megan left because she got caught in her lies. Word is, Megan went into the diary room on Thursday morning, and was gone by 1 p.m.

The overall tone of the situation sounds like maybe Megan did an Audrey, and played too hard, too fast only to have it all blow up. But it's really hard to say whether or not that's actually the case. It probably wouldn't be in anyone's best interest to come to Megan's defense inside the house right now, so she could end up taking a lot of blame from nervous newbies looking to clear themselves of whatever actually happened. All we can do at this point is piece together what's being said in the house. What we do know is that she's gone, and that it sounds likely that she left by her own choice.

And now we have days to wait to see what actually happened. Was there more fallout over the drama with Josh after what we saw in the premiere? Did she just go into full-on game mode following her nomination, and it caught up with her fast? Was she actually spreading rumors and lies? Hopefully Sunday's episode will fill in some blanks.

We've seen houseguests expelled before for bad behavior, and then of course, there was Dick Donato's unexpected exit in Season 13, but that was due to a medical emergency. Houseguests have certainly threatened to quit before, especially when they see their own eviction coming in the near future, but none have ever followed through with a self-evict. Even Audrey rode out her final week (albeit, under a blanket for most of it).

Given that we don't yet know all of the circumstances surrounding Megan's exit, it's hard to say if this situation will be treated more like an expulsion, where Megan will be completely cut off from the Big Brother franchise (no exit interview, no return for the finale, and no shot at ever returning), or if it's more of an Evel Dick situation, where maybe we'll see her again someday in the Big Brother universe. All of that will likely depend on the actual circumstances of her exit.

In the meantime, it looks like Jillian was put up as a replacement nominee for Megan. So she's up against Alex. I haven't seen any updates about the Veto, so I'm under the impression it hasn't been played yet.

Needless to say, we're going to have a lot to catch up on when Sunday rolls around. And I'm thinking this can only be good news for Paul, who returned to the house with a giant target on his back this season. But with new drama already erupting inside the house, not to mention the upcoming twists and rewards that could help him out, he might actually have a shot to gain some footing with some of the players.

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