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YouTube And VH1 Star Stevie Ryan Has Died At 33

stevie ryan

The last couple of years have seen far too many tragedies within the sphere of showbiz, with deaths ranging from legendary singers to iconic actors. Now, another celebrity has sadly passed away, and we have yet another tragedy to process. Stevie Ryan of YouTube and VH1 fame died over the weekend in what has been ruled a suicide. She was 33 years old.

We now know that Steve Ryan passed away at some point on Saturday, July 1. People reports that the L.A. Coroner's Office has officially ruled that her death via hanging was a suicide. No further details have been released by the coroner's office at this time. Her death comes shortly after she revealed in the Mentally Ch(ill) podcast that she was concerned that her grandfather's death would send her "into a deeper depression." During the episode in which she made the reveal, she and her co-host Kristen Carney discussed suicide. It's impossible to say how her depression did or did not affect her suicide, but it certainly adds an extra layer to the tragedy.

Stevie Ryan's first claim to fame is the YouTube series Little Loca, which parodied famous folks online. Her YouTube fame led to a broader platform, as she was able to bring her impersonations to the small screen with the pop culture sketch series called Stevie TV, a show that aired on VH1 from 2012-2013. She would later become a co-host on Brody Jenner's talk show, called Sex with Brody. The talk show featured TV personality Brody Jenner (son of then-Bruce Jenner and Linda Thompson) as he and Ryan spoke with a relationship therapist and celebrities guests about all things sex and relationships. Take a look at her most popular YouTube video to see a showcase of the type of humor that delighted her fans everywhere:

The Mentally Ch(ill) podcast has been running since back in April of 2017, with eleven episodes featuring Stevie Ryan and Kristen Carney currently available. The last episode -- titled "Death, Grieving, & Lithium" -- was released on June 29, which was only two days before Ryan died. It was a highly-rated podcast that, according to the reviews, helped many listeners deal with their own depression and relate to the stories shared by the two co-hosts.

Our thoughts here at CinemaBlend go out to the friends, family, and loved ones of Stevie Ryan. We can only hope that they endure this tragedy as best they can.

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