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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Spoilers: Who Won Head Of Household?

Big Brother 19's first live episode did not disappoint. After a week of unexpected situations --- including one houseguest leaving, and another houseguest getting injured --- live feed watchers spent the last few days trying to keep up with the conversations and figure out who was voting for whom. Lines were drawn, crossed and redrawn over the course of the week, leading to Christmas and Jillian seated in nomination chairs, awaiting their fate. Someone was getting blindsided, and now we're left to see the fallout. But first... who won the Head of Household competition tonight?

Big Brother Live Feed Spoiler Alert!

This is where we get into live feed spoilers! Tonight's live episode of Big Brother ended with the start of the Candy Crush-themed Head of Household competition, but the episode ended before we could see who won.If you want to wait until Sunday to find out who won, read no further!

Ok, you've been warned...

Big Brother 19 paul win

The live feeds came on not long after the episode wrapped up, and after about 45 minutes of houseguests scrambling for balls to find tickets, which they would then use to buy other balls to roll down ramps and try to get into a hole, a winner emerged. And it's nothing but Friendship!

Paul is this week's Head of Household, which is exactly what he wanted to happen.

Everyone, except for Cody participated in this week's Head of Household. Even Christmas was there (having survived the block this week!), on the ground, searching for tickets inside the plastic Candy Crush balls. I didn't see her trying to actually cash in any tickets, however, so she may have given them away.

Paul seemed to be cashing in a lot of tickets, which may have given him an edge to figuring out the ramp, and finally managing to get the ball around the curved ramp, through the tube and into the hole. In typical Paul fashion, he celebrated his victory with the reserved kind of grace we've come to know and expect from him...

Big Brother 19 Paul

Ok, not really. Not at all, actually. But we expected nothing less from a happy Paul.

Paul didn't really need Head of Household this week. He's got the Pendant of Protection to keep him safe for the next couple of weeks. But he's been talking about wanting the Head of Household this week, in order to carry out a big plan he has. I haven't seen him admit what he has planned, but I'm sure anyone who was rooting for Christmas tonight would want to see Cody and Jessica take a turn in the hot seat. But this is Paul, and it's entirely possible he has a curveball in store. I just hope he doesn't repeat Cody's mistake in blindsiding the people who are loyal to him. There are a handful of options lined up that he can target if he wants to lock in a bigger alliance with the pro-Christmas voters this week. The ball is in his court.

In the meantime, tonight's live episode left Jillian's jaw on the floor moments after Julie revealed she was evicted. Jillian is gone for now, but she could return. Julie didn't reveal the votes to her, and kept the game conversation to a minimum, which makes me think Jillian's going to be sequestered for some kind of houseguest buyback in the future.

As for who's currently in the house, we saw Christmas and Jessica get in each others' faces after Jillian left the house. I imagine we'll get to see the rest of that spat on Sunday, along with whatever other fallout there is after this excellent blindside.

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