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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Spoilers: Who Won The Veto And Was It Used?

Big Brother Season 19 is underway, and since the live feeds came on, a lot has happened. We're about to get into the latest game developments inside the house. This includes major spoilers, including who won the Veto, whether or not they used it, and who was nominated in their place. If' you'd rather watch the episodes to learn all of that, read no further!

Ok, here's the current game breakdown...

Head of Household:


Originally nominated:


Megan (Exited the house)


Won the Veto:


Veto used?


Currently nominated:


Christmas (Veto replacement nominee)

Safe from Eviction for three weeks:


Cursed with a mystery curse:

Ramses. (Last I saw, he still didn't know what the curse was, and will find out on Monday)

Short version: Alex won the Veto, used it on herself, Cody tried to nominate Paul, Paul has the safety reward, so Cody had to nominate someone else. He chose Christmas.

Leading up to the Veto Ceremony, the house was split into two factions at this point, and I'm not sure either side could be considered alliances. There's the big group all huddled around Cody, and the smaller group of people on the outside of that situation. This graph actually breaks it down pretty nicely...

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Though Cody put Alex on the block, it seems like the two are trying to work together. Or at the very least, that Cody is not trying to burn any bridges with her, despite his nomination. After the Veto ceremony, people were noting that Cody seemed to give up on the competition toward the end. Or something happened where there was still time left and Cody didn't seem to try to win. I don't know if Cody is looking to bring Alex in on his alliance, or if he's just trying to cover as many bases as possible coming out of this week, but he did tell her on Sunday that he sees her as being on "his side." We'll get to more about those two in a minute.

With Alex planning on using the Veto to take herself off the block, Cody had to pick another nominee. If you're keeping track, he's already put three people on the block since he got Head of Household. That list previously included Alex, Jillian and Megan, the latter of whom left the house for non-game-related reasons. Once the Veto was used, he had to nominate someone else... and then someone else.

Cody was being cagy with everyone about who he wanted to nominate, but it seemed likely he was targeting Paul or Christmas. Based on separate conversations Cody had with Jessica and Alex last night, it seems like he wants to protect himself, Jessica, Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven and Dominique. And he sees Christmas and Paul as people who cause tension.

Paul Big Brother 19

When Cody was talking with Alex last night, he said he was going to put up a strong target on "this side" of the house, meaning people in the big quasi-alliance that includes himself. Paul and Christmas were the only two people in the big alliance that Cody didn't name when telling Alex who he'd like to protect if she wins Head of Household next week. Sure enough, the Veto ceremony took place today, and from conversations on the feeds following the ceremony, it sounds like Cody tried to nominate Paul, then had to nominate Christmas because Paul has safety from eviction for three weeks.

I don't know if Cody knew or suspected Paul had the safety reward, or if he figured it didn't matter and he just wanted to make a big move. Regardless, this situation brings his nomination count up to five. He's nominated five people, and three of them will still be in the house when he's no longer Head of Household. And two of the people he nominated were working with his side of the house. Plus, he didn't secure the votes or even confide in the rest of his non-alliance before he made this big move. His diary room explanations might help clarify the situation, but if I were guessing, I think he wanted to secure safety from as many people as possible by targeting Paul, in the hopes that he'd come out of this week with one of the biggest targets evicted from the house, and no target on his back. But the way he went about it has already ruffled a lot of feathers. Elena and Raven do not seem keen at all to vote out Christmas, and Jessica is on the defensive over how Cody's actions will reflect on her.

Needless to say, the Big Brother 19 game is on. Lines are being drawn, and it'll be very interesting to see how things play out in the coming weeks. I won't be surprised at all of Cody's decision causes an actual alliance to form without him.