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The Walking Dead And Fargo Creators Are Teaming Up For A Crazy New Show

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Two of the most talked-about cable TV shows of recent years are The Walking Dead on AMC and Fargo on FX. The creators who made those shows happen should be credited with changing the TV landscape and adjusting the kind of complex narratives that viewers can expect from their entertainment. Now, in a slightly unlikely collaboration, the creators of The Walking Dead and Fargo are joining forces to bring a brand new show that sounds more than a little crazy to the small screen on FX.

Robert Kirkman and Dave Alpert of The Walking Dead are working with Noah Hawley of Fargo on a crime drama that will be called The Mastermind. The series will be based on the investigative stories written by journalist Evan Ratcliff that have been posted on the longform nonfiction publishing platform Atavist Magazine, which Ratcliff also founded. Episodes will follow Paul Le Roux, who is a former programmer and criminal cartel boss. He became a Drug Enforcement Administration informant, and the role led to some crazy stories that should make for an exciting and unpredictable TV show.

Interestingly, the creators of The Walking Dead and Fargo aren't the only big names attached to the project. THR reports that brothers Joe and Anthony Russo -- best known for their work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe on movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier -- are slated to executive produce and direct the new drama. As the show is currently still only in development, it may be a while before we hear anything about casting or filming locations. Still, with the teams behind The Walking Dead, Fargo, and The Winter Soldier on board, I'm guessing the show will make it to series without much trouble.

The Masterminds on FX will mark a big basic cable move for Robert Kirkman. He's best known for his AMC series all about the zombie apocalypse (and talking about the zombie apocalypse). FX was actually one of the many networks that passed on The Walking Dead back when Kirkman and Co. were still shopping it around to find a home. As The Walking Dead has become the highest-rated show on cable, I have to imagine that the brass at FX regret their decision not to pick up The Walking Dead, although FX is doing pretty well for itself thanks to Fargo and the Noah Hawley's other series, Legion.

Of course, FX might not have any more Fargo in its future. While the series hasn't be cancelled, Noah Hawley has revealed that Fargo will only continue if he comes up with a good enough idea that he wants to produce another ten hours. FX is reportedly leaving the fate of the series up to him, so if The Mastermind does move forward, Hawley may be too busy for more Fargo. We'll have to wait and see.

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