Will Fargo Season 4 Happen? Here's The Latest

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Warning: spoilers ahead for the Fargo Season 3 finale, "Somebody to Love."

FX has been the home of some of the darkest comedy in primetime in recent years thanks to the three seasons of Fargo. Each season so far has been a chapter in an anthology, and there have been only relatively minor connections between the plots of each. Basically, Fargo has been able to come back no matter how the previous season ended and how many characters were killed off. The very last episode of Season 3 just aired, and only two of the main characters survived. As there has been no announcement of a renewal or cancellation for Fargo so far, the question now is if the third season finale was actually the series finale. Luckily, creator Noah Hawley has revealed what's going on with a potential future for Fargo:

I think there's an expansion that's been happening each year with what the show can be. My goal is to always find a new approach to a fixed paradigm. It always has to be a crime story, and it always has to be a morality play, and how many different ways are there to do that before you run out of ways to do that? I've found three of them so far -- I've made 30 hours of "Fargo." And the question is, are there 10 more hours? The answer is, I'm not sure yet because I don't have the story. And the great thing about FX is that they're not demanding that I find that story to hit an airdate. I'm open to it, and they would love it, and I would love it -- I just don't have it yet. And I have to make another show for them ["Legion"], and there's some film projects I'm working on. I wouldn't say I'm done with it emotionally, so we'll see what happens.

Well, Fargo fans don't have to panic that Season 3 was the very end. The cliffhanger that had Gloria squaring off against Varga in an interrogation room might not be the very last scene of Fargo on FX ever. Noah Hawley's comments to The Wrap indicate that we could be in for more murder shenanigans in the future; that future is simply still vague and undefined. If Hawley comes up with an idea for another 10 episodes, it sounds like FX will be on board to make t happen.

Of course, Noah Hawley will be busy for the foreseeable future. He's had several other projects in the works at FX for years now, and Legion was one of the most talked-about comic book TV shows of the 2016-2017 TV season. With Season 2 of Legion in the works (with even more references to the X-Men universe) and film commitments, Hawley simply may not have the time to even think about Fargo Season 4 for a while.

Kudos to FX for giving Noah Hawley and the team at Fargo so much leeway when it comes to future seasons. The network clearly has a lot of faith in him; if a Season 4 does happen on FX, it won't be one that was rushed out of the production team to hit a deadline. This actually isn't the first time that FX has given head honchos the freedom to produce their shows at their own pace. Comedian Louis C.K. had a similar deal when it came to his show Louie. We can only hope, wait, and see at this point if more Fargo is in the future.

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