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Following a relatively predictable week of game-play in the Big Brother house, the last few days have reminded us that this game can change very quickly. We've got the latest from the Big Brother live feeds. If you don't want to know who won the Veto and who's being targeted, read no further!

On with the spoilers!

Here's how the week has shaken out so far...

Head of Household:


Originally nominated:



Won the Veto:


Veto used?

Not yet, but there's a good chance it will be.

After making a deal for safety with Elena, Alex won the endurance Head of Household competition. She chose to nominate Jessica and Dominique. Targeting Jessica might be a good way to keep the peace within the house and close the book on Cody's disastrous first-HoH week.

Alas, Alex seems to have figured out that it booting Jessica doesn't really help her in the long term. While Jessica remains on the block at present, Jason now has the Veto in his hand, and there have been a lot of discussions of him using it and putting one of Dominique's allies up next to her, to ensure Dominique goes. That would deplete the numbers of the unofficial showmance alliance, without really causing too much fallout. Of that group, Mark is the only one who's really close with Dominique.

Jason and Alex have discussed putting Raven up next to Dominique, as they feel like she'd be the safest bet as a pawn, but there have been a lot of talks about Mark being the replacement nominee, since he wouldn't be able to campaign to keep Dominique if he were up next to her. Mark was obviously not in love with that plan, but it's not like they have a ton of say in the matter. In the end, Alex and Jason will do what Alex and Jason want to do.


Mark raised a good point in discussing that lesser-liked houseguests do seem to be getting unintentional protection because they're on the outside. Ramses isn't high on anyone's list of friends or allies, and yet he's not on the block, for example. Jessica is most likely being pulled off the block with the Veto, and what's to say the house won't decide to keep Dominique around if they have the chance to take Mark out. He's probably not wrong to consider that. I'm not sure anyone's actively targeting Mark right now, but once he's on the block, that question will undoubtedly be raised.

The replacement nominee situation doesn't seem to have been finalized yet, but things are looking very good for Jessica. It's possible she'll end up staying on the block next to Dominique, but after the last few days, she seems to be an ok position, despite being nominated. For her part, Dominique did not take her nomination well, and has been actively trying to talk her way out of the situation, but all signs point to her making the situation worse for herself, instead of better.

In other news, Christmas had her foot surgery. It sounds like things were way worse with her foot than she originally let on, and according to what she told the house, she'll need to have another surgery in a year. Since returning to the house, she's been diving back into the game, and there is definitely some suspicion that she cast one of the votes to evict Ramses.

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