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Watch Dwayne Johnson Hilariously Spoof His Insanely Busy Life In New iPhone Commercial

Once Dwayne Johnson decided to take his professional wrestling career to the next level by diving into scripted projects, Hollywood didn't take long to fully embrace the energetic athlete and his charm-oozing smile, and it now feels like a month can't go by without Johnson joining a new blockbuster franchise. The pop culture giant poked some fun at his own insanely packed schedule with a new commercial for Apple's iPhone 7, in which he utilizes Siri to help him get through an extremely busy afternoon.

That very first moment in the Apple commercial could have served as its own perfect microcosm of how Dwayne Johnson's fans probably expect his life to be like. He's pulling weights with his right hand, he's pruning a bonsai tree, and he's doing both things with such rigid calmness that he's also able to get his head smoothed out with a straight razor. And all while rehearsing lines and talking to his "agent."

But all that was just child's play. As soon as Dwayne Johnson pops his leather jacket on and asks Siri for a ride, that's when the fun starts. A star of the Fast and Furious franchise, Johnson is a natural behind the wheel of a speeding car being put through wild, scenery-destroying spins. And when you've got a phone background that's as incredible as this one, you can pretty much do anything.

Not tethered to just automobiles, Johnson also got into the pilot's seat of an airplane, and his cocky assurance that they're going to Rome is now one of my favorite moments of his ever. He's then dipping into his Renaissance Man skills with some light chapel ceiling painting, he's turning his fashion line into art, he's practicing music on stage in front of a crowd, and he's taking selfies in space. But perhaps the most brilliant moment in the commercial comes when he's in the kitchen with famed French chef Ludo Lefebvre, who says he can "smell what The Rock is cooking." He didn't have enough L's on his French pronunciation of "smell," but it was still great.

Basically to prove this commercial's point, let's take a nutshell-look at what 2017 has been like for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. He starred in Fate of The Furious, which ruled the pre-summer box office, while his TV-to-film Baywatch adaptation earned both less money and less acclaim. And he's also got the new Jumanji flick coming later this year, with 2018 already set to give audiences the video game adaptation Rampage and the wrestling-set drama Fighting with My Family. And that's not to mention starring in Season 3 of HBO's Ballers, which just premiered on Sunday night, or future projects like Shazam and potentially a Universal monster movie. So, he obviously wouldn't even have time to prune bonsai trees if he wanted to.

Catch the always moving entertainer every Sunday night on HBO for Ballers, which airs at 8:00 p.m. ET. Head to our summer premiere schedule to see some of the shows you'll be able to catch up with in the near future.

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