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If you don't want to read spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds, read no further! We're about to get into who won the Veto, whether or not it was used, and who's in major danger of being evicted on Thursday.

There's your warning!

Here's how things are breaking down.

Head of Household:





Won the Veto:


Veto used?


This week of Big Brother is feeling a bit deja vu, except instead of Cody as HoH, with big plans of sending a specific target home, it's Jessica. And once again, that target is sitting pretty while the pawn is on the chopping block. In this case, that target is Josh, and the pawn is Ramses. Jessica wants Josh out. She thought putting him up next to Ramses ensured that would happen... despite the fact that Ramses really doesn't have any strong allies.

Paul has been plotting to keep Josh since the feeds came back after the Battle Back episode, before the Veto was even played. Rather than rallying everyone he can, he decided to leave Mark and Elena out of this plan, focusing more on Christmas, Alex, Jason, Mark, Raven and I think Kevin. Josh is obviously also in the know, and has been pretending to be miserable all week. Ramses, playing the Jillian role this week, hasn't been doing much campaigning, and doesn't seem all that paranoid about his status as a pawn. Maybe because Jessica and Cody have assured him he's safe.

What makes this situation worse for Jessica is, the night before the Veto Ceremony, she started getting rattled over the potential for people secretly plotting to blindside her and Cody by sending Ramses home instead of Josh. She actually debated whether or not to use the Veto on Ramses, and put up Alex in his place. Cody and her talked it out for a while, and Jessica actually brought up her thoughts to Elena, who assured her there's no secret plan. Because Elena doesn't know there's a secret plan. It's hard not to credit Paul for that situation, as he's intentionally left Elena and Mark out of this whole thing. Had Elena known about the plan, she might've caved or lied badly to Jessica, but she's legitimately in the dark, and so her response to Jessica was genuine. In the end, Jessica and Cody decided to leave the nominations the same.

This is a tragic overcorrection of Cody's Week-1 mistake. Instead of making a bold move (putting Paul up next to Josh, or at the very least, someone like Christmas, Kevin, Jason or Alex), they're taking the "safe" route by putting up a player with very loose ties with anyone in the house. I think the logic is that they will come out of this week with Josh gone and no major enemies or fallout. They don't seem to realize that because Ramses is viewed as unthreatening and expendable, and Josh is viewed as a loyal ally, Josh is more valuable to enough people to be kept around.

Even if Jessica and Cody do catch wind of this plan, there probably isn't much they can do about it, apart from maybe hard-selling Raven and Matt to turn on Paul and the rest, and I don't know that there's enough time for them to work that out. Jessica has the Halting Hex, but I can't imagine she'd use it to stop this eviction. She'll likely need it to protect herself or Cody down the line. So as of right now, Josh will stay, Ramses will go, and Cody and Jessica will likely have to face whatever backlash Josh might have in store for them, since he's been holding it in all week.

There's still a day to go though, and we know there's a curse coming, so who knows what will happen between now and Thursday night, but barring any major twists or game-turns, Josh is looking pretty safe.

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