Grey's Anatomy Is Making A Big Change Behind The Scenes For Season 14, And We're Pumped

Meredith, Bailey, and Maggie

There are long running television shows, and then there's shows like ABC's Grey's Anatomy. The medical drama put creator Shonda Rhimes on the map when it premiered as a mid-season replacement back in 2005, and has spawned two spinoffs to date. Grey's is gearing up for its whopping 14th season this fall on ABC, and some major changes have occurred behind the scenes that should make OG fans very happy. Krista Vernoff has returned to the series as a co-showrunner for Season 14, after a seven year break from the world of Seattle and its surgeons.

Krista Vernoff shared the news via her Twitter, which excited the fandom immediately. Vernoff a major figure in the early years of Grey's Anatomy, and worked on the series for the first seven seasons (which were arguably the best ones). She originally served as both a writer and executive producer on the series, before departing Grey's after Season 7. Her work as a writer even earned her an Emmy nom, and her personal voice has been credited for some of the Greys lingo that we all know and love. For instance, she's been held responsible for the surgeons' penchant for saying "seriously?", which is something she and Shonda Rhimes would reportedly say quite often in the writer's room.

Many Grey's Anatomy fans consider the first few seasons to be the show's strongest, as the interpersonal relationships between the surgeons helped to create the show's massive audience that still tunes in every Thursday. And while most of the original cast members have departed during the show's decade and change of running, perhaps Krista Vernoff's perspective can help reengage audience members who have grown tired of the shenanigans at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. By zeroing in on more relatable concepts, Grey's can probably continue to run for another few seasons.

It should be interesting to see which characters make up the main narrative of Grey's Anatomy's 14th season. With Stephanie now dropped out of the program following her near death experience in Season 13's finale, there is more room for the rest of the cast to take up screen time. The majority of the first half of the season will likely revolve around Owen and Nathan, as Owen's presumed dead sister has been rescued at last. This will likely throw a wrench into Meredith's budding relationship with Riggs, as well as challenge the uneasy marriage between Hunt and Amelia. Additionally, Kim Raver's Teddy Altman is set to return after quite a few seasons off the show, further revealing what an Owen-focused season it should be moving forward.

Grey's Anatomy is set to return to ABC for Season 14 on September 28, 2017, with a two hour premiere episode written by none other than Krista Vernoff herself. In the meantime, check out our summer premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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