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The Defenders and Stick getting ready for battle

In less a month's time, the past two years of avid binge watching will pay off for fans of Netflix's Marvel shows. Because The Defenders will unite all four of New York's heroes to save the city and battle against Sigourney Weaver's mysterious new villain. The fandom has been anticipating this team up since the miniseries was first announced, with many spending an extensive amount of hours watching all four of the MCU series on Netflix. And with just a few weeks left until The Defenders is upon us, more details have begun to come to light. This includes the overall timeline of the miniseries, which turns out to only cover a few days.

Daredevil actor Charlie Cox has been doing a fair mount of press in preparation for The Defenders' arrival next month. When speaking with Screen Rant about Matt Murdock's strained relationship with his best friend Foggy, Cox revealed how The Defenders will take place over just one week. He said:

That relationship is still fractured. I know that in Defenders --- because of the nature of the problem, the nature of the issue, the plot in our show --- Foggy has to get on board with Matt and what he can do. And I think he begins to see the benefit of someone like Matt. But that doesn't detract from the years of lying. The real healing is going to have to come later. The Defenders takes place in a week, a very small amount of time, you know what I mean? Only so much healing can be done in that time.

Now, this is interesting. While the individual Marvel shows usually take place over a few weeks' time, The Defenders will break the mold by cramming a capsulated story over just seven days. This will likely up the stakes of the battle, and it also seems to hint at how serious Sigourney Weaver's Alexandra is about her evil plan.

It seems that Alexandra's quest to destroy New York City is going to be carried out with some haste in The Defenders. While Sigourney Weaver doesn't consider her characters a villain, the trailers for the series show how Alexandra plans to destroy the city. In addition to the forces she's already accrued and a presumed alliance with Madame Gao, she's also got an amnesiac Elektra at her disposal. The assassin is extremely deadly, and it's going to be challenging for the heroes not fight her off, while also keeping her alive for a possible recovery.

The cast of The Defenders have previously stated how the interpersonal relationships between the four heroes is the highlight of the miniseries, and the short timeline will certainly add to this dynamic. They don't have the time to better acquaint themselves with each other and team up against evil. Instead, the motley crew will have to trust each other almost instantly, because Alexandra will be pulling no punches.

The Defenders will arrive on Netflix in its entirety on August 18th. In the meantime, check out our summer premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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