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The Flash musical was a nice departure from the typical song and dance (pun intended) the show is used to, and while not everyone was a fan, enough were that questions are being asked about another musical episode in Season 4. Jesse L. Martin discussed the possibility of another song-based episode in the show at an SDCC 2017 panel that our Head TV Editor Nick Venable was present for:

I certainly hope so, but I just don't know. They haven't told me. But like, I keep hearing rumors about more singing. Someone even said today, 'We're thinking about a musical.' I was like, 'Hmm.' So I got a feeling I might be singing again. Which I don't mind. [laughs]

So while Jesse L. Martin isn't entirely positive whether or not another musical episode is coming to Season 4 he's got a good feeling, and he's more than down for Joe West to sing a tune or two if so! That's good to hear, as Martin has wow'd audiences of The Flash a couple times in the past with a musical number from Earth-2 Joe West in addition to the latest musical crossover. Even if another full blown musical episode isn't in the cards, maybe Detective West can have a scene where he's singing the blues in response to Barry being trapped in the speed force, or perhaps he's trying to serenade Cecile or a new love interest?

With former Glee actor Darren Criss still roaming the Arrow-verse as the Music Meister, it's certainly possible within the show canon for another musical episode to come to The Flash. Of course, it's unlikely there will be another Supergirl crossover musical involving that particular character unless Kara and the gang decide to head over to Earth-1 again. That leaves The Flash and Arrow as the primary destination for his trickery, and neither team seems in all that great of a mood at the present to have a song in their hearts. Then again, they don't really have a say in the matter. If there are private discussions currently being held between The Flash higher ups about another musical episode, hopefully they consider the wishes of fans who hoped Neil Patrick Harris was involved in the last one.

Potentially with a song in its heart, The Flash will return for Season 4 October 10th at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. For more info on Season 4, be sure to check out that heart pounding trailer that showed Iris leading the team, or read more about how Wally might be throwing on the red suit at some point. For more information regarding shows in the present that may or may not have singing, but are great either way, visit our summer premiere guide.

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