How Barry's Absence Affects Joe In The Flash Season 4, According To Jesse L. Martin

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While The Flash trailer and CinemaBlend's interview with Carlos Valdes indicate that all of The Flash characters take Barry's absence pretty hard, perhaps few are hit harder than his adoptive father, Joe West. Actor Jesse L. Martin explained how Joe is affected by Barry's absence at a roundtable event at San Diego Comic Con, which our very own Nick Venable was in attendance for:

It's kind of a big deal. There's one point where point where I have to go to Iris and tell her that they want to replace Barry. Of course, CCPD has no idea where Barry might be. We made up a story about it. And I have to approach Iris at some point and tell her they want to replace Barry, so it's kind of devastating.

For Joe, it sounds things are extra hard compared to the rest of the team, as Jesse L. Martin explains he and Iris have to cover for Barry's absence from the CCPD, which is on the verge of giving his job away. Not that anyone can blame the department for wanting a new CSI investigator with Barry M.I.A. for so long and Julian Albert reportedly out for Season 4. Still, the fact that Joe is stressed and upset about Barry potentially losing his job shows his worry towards affecting Barry's future, and whether or not he will ever see him again is pretty deep.

All hope is not lost for the good detective though, as Joe still has his other son, Wally West, there to pick up the slack in Barry's absence. Joe has typically been protective of Wally in the series especially in regards to his meta abilities, but Jesse L. Martin indicates that Joe's outlook regarding his son's ability to save Central City has changed a bit. When asked if Joe is ok with Wally taking Barry's place, he said:

Absolutely. I think, in a way, Wally gets infantilized a lot and treated like the little kid. Even though he is Kid Flash. But he's a grown man, and so Wally's stepping up and taking the place of The Flash makes Joe very proud. I'm very proud to see him that way.

Looks like Wally won his dad over with his crime fighting abilities in the past six months Barry Allen has been gone, but eventually The Flash is going to realize they need more than Kid Flash to keep the city safe. Judging by Joe's "devastated, state and Iris's leadership only going so far, it sounds like The Flash is going to rescue Barry sooner or later, although exactly how remains a mystery. Let's just hope Barry isn't forced to create another Savitar to keep the speed force in check.

The Flash will return for Season 4 October 10th at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. For more information regarding Season 4 of the series be sure to check out what Tom Cavanaugh had to say about a new Harrison Wells or how this season in the Arrow-verse is poised to be the darkest one yet. For some great shows that have nothing to do with The Flash, but will give fans something to watch in the meantime, visit our summer premiere guide.

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