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The more things change in the Big Brother house, the more they seem to stay the same. Such is the case this week, with a splash of drama thrown in for good feeds. Read no further if you don't want to know who Paul nominated, who won and who lost the temptation competition, who won the Veto, and some other stuff we won't see in the episodes until later this week.

Ok, here's what's going on in the Big Brother house.

Head of Household:





Jason (lost the temptation competition)

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Safe from winning temptation competition:


Won the Veto:


Veto used:

Not yet.

Not only is Paul the Head of Household winner, he's also the proud Veto holder this week. The houseguests did the weather report competition, where they're kept up all night listening to weather forecasts, and then face the harsh conditions of the back yard while they attempt to read the weather report. Paul aced this competition once before, and he repeated that performance this time around.

As we previously reported, Jessica and Cody were nominated for eviction. Jessica told a couple of people the specifics of her hex. Previous fibs about the nature of the hex or how long it lasts have been called into question. Apparently, you're allowed to talk about the hex, but you're not allowed to lie about what it is or how long it lasts. Paul confirmed that no one is guaranteed safety for the next three weeks, despite what Jessica has previously said.

Regardless, if Jessica and Cody stay on the block, it seems likely that Jessica will use the halting hex to stop the eviction. Paul and others have been working on Jessica to abandon Cody and let him get evicted this week, arguing that her game was on the rise after Cody left, and she fell back into target status the moment he returned. They're not entirely wrong, but I don't think it's in Jessica's best interest to let the house evict Cody if she has the ability to stop it. The one argument Paul has made to her that does ring true is that Cody will always be a target, and in the event that people aren't able to get him out, they'll target her. Keeping Cody around with the halting hex could backfire on Jessica down the line, but it's probably a risk she needs to take, given that she has few allies in this game.

In other news, as we mentioned in the nominations update, Mark and Josh got into a fight after the nominations, when some standard bickering turned into Josh banging pots and pans and Mark making a lunge for them. The feeds cut, they were separated and both cooled off. It seems evident that Josh is just trying to get under Mark's skin. During his pots and pans banging, he appeared to be having fun with it, while Mark quickly grew enraged.

Things with Mark and Elena are strained, to say the least. Similar to the conversation Paul later had with Jessica about Cody being bad for her game, Paul also gave Elena that speech, explaining to Elena that the target on Mark's back is growing, and it's only going to hurt Elena's game down the line. Whether or not Elena took that to heart, I couldn't say. but she did give Mark a long lecture about his behavior and reactions with Josh after the pots/pans altercation. It was super awkward and kind of boring, so I could only bring myself to watch about a minute of that before I gave up. Regardless, Paul seems determined to split up the showmances. I haven't seen him get to work on Matt and Raven yet, but those two have been super on board with Team Paul in recent weeks, so he may be giving them a pass for now.

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We also saw tension between Jessica and Cody over Cody's outburst with Paul following the nominations. Jessica is frustrated that Cody can't control his temper, and both are questioning whether Cody is a detriment to Jessica's game. He is. Jessica may be strongly considering Paul's warnings about Cody, and there are undoubtedly fractures in that showmance now, but I don't see what choice they have but to continue working together.

Finally, as previously reported, Mark won the Temptation competition, ensuring his safety. While he's not the most obvious threat, he was a potential target this week, so winning that competition took that option off the table before the nominations took place. Honestly, I think I might actually love this temptation competition twist. I'm not a fan of the "third nominee" aspect in general, but in this case, I like that it's an optional competition where people who think they're in danger (and people who want to target them) can compete for the chance at safety, but risk ending up on the block. It's a bit like a game of Big Brother chicken, and it could allow people the option to protect themselves from being backdoored. We'll see how this twist plays out over the next few weeks, but it's a nice change from the previous (and unnecessarily complicated) Battle of the Block twist, and could allow for some interesting strategic moves.

I don't know what Paul's planning on doing with the Veto, if anything. He might try to circumvent this hex somehow with some weird pawn scenario in an effort to try to get Jessica to not use it, either because she wants Cody to go, or because she thinks he's safe (doubtful, but who knows?). We'll update later this week if there are any exciting developments between today and the live show. In the meantime, as of Sunday, the odds are looking high that there will be no eviction this week.

UPDATE from Sunday afternoon: Paul is working on a plan to get Jessica not to use the hex and let Cody get evicted. Jessica says if she were to NOT use the Halting Hex, she would want assurance from Paul & co. that she would be safe for the next couple of weeks, and that Alex would go next week. Paul told her he would see what he could do.

From there, he worked with Matt, Raven, Jason and Christmas on a plan to lie to Jessica, Elena and Mark by agreeing to vote out Alex next week if Jessica lets Cody get evicted on Thursday. Paul has already talked to Mark about the "plan" to get Alex out next week, and Mark's on board with that. And Paul talked to Alex about it, telling her she needs to have a fake fight with Christmas, and to steer clear of him for now. Alex knows Matt, Raven, Jason, Christmas and Paul have her back, and that Mark, Elena and Jessica believe she is the next target.

So there's a layered scheme going on here, which could result in Jessica not using the Halting Hex. There's also major tension between Cody and Jessica, because Paul told Jessica that Cody wanted to keep Alex and Jason around to help him and Matt get Jessica and Raven out down the line (this was talk from the beginning of the season).

Matt didn't confirm or deny that to Jessica, but his caginess likely put more doubt in her mind. And now there's trust issues between Cody and Jessica.

This is all super-ongoing though, and I'm not even sure how serious Jessica is with following through with her end of the deal, but it's out there, and the tension between her and Cody could steer her in the direction to work with Paul in the hopes that she'll be safe in the weeks to come.