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How Glenn's Death Will Be Addressed In The Walking Dead Season 8

glenn walking dead

The Walking Dead will return for Season 8 almost exactly a year after Season 7 debuted and killed off two of the show's biggest characters. And while Abraham's memory was honored in a pretty huge way for the most recent finale, it sounds like the new season will find a way to keep Glenn on the forefront of characters' minds, particularly for one of our heroes. Even though he wasn't exactly overflowing with details, here's what Robert Kirkman said about it.

That will be a plot point for Daryl at some point in the next season. It's something that will be addressed.

For those keeping score, it would almost be harder for Robert Kirkman to provide less context for the situation at hand, but what little there is still manages to be quite intriguing. Throughout Season 7, both during Daryl's Sanctuary time and after it, his conscience was weighed down with the guilt of having been partially responsible for getting Glenn killed. After all, if he'd have just kept a cooler head, only Abraham's grave would have been necessary.

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The Walking Dead will be pitting Rick against Negan when Season 8 kicks off, as well asbringing in some new blood, and it's somewhat comforting to know that showrunner Scott Gimple and his writers aren't just going to wipe the emotional slate clean for the new season. If a real-life Daryl had been responsible for the real-life death of a friend (possibly named Glenn), he definitely wouldn't completely get over it in a year's time. So why should fictional Daryl?

Glenn's death will obviously reverberate in other ways, with the primary source being currently housed inside Maggie's womb. Hell, it's entirely possible that Daryl will feel some form of deeper kinship for the child, having played a part in the kid not having a father to look up to. Maggie and Daryl already shared a pretty heavy moment whenever they reconnected in the back half of Season 7, but it's not like there aren't 100 different ways Glenn's memory could get addressed by them again. How do you guys want to see it happening? If someone says, "Daryl and Enid should discuss it, since Enid also looked up to Glenn before his death," I suppose that would count.

With something crazy happening with Rick and his beard, The Walking Dead will return to AMC for more guilt-ridden action on Sunday, October 22, at 9 p.m. ET. To see when everything else is hitting the small screen in the future, head to our summer TV schedule and our fall premiere schedule.

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