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Drama ran high in the Big Brother house this week, and it's all amounting to what could be a rather uneventful live episode. Well, uneventful in the live portion. We imagine the filler will consist of some of the more heated moments inside the house after the Veto ceremony took place. Read no further if you don't want the latest from the live feeds!

Here's how the power has shaken out in the house.

Head of Household:






Won the Veto:


Veto used?

Yes, on Jason

Currently on the Block:



Who will be evicted?

Probably no one, unless there's a double eviction.

As we previously reported, Cody and Jessica were nominated for eviction, alongside Jason, who lost the Temptation competition. Paul won the Veto, and spent a fair amount of time working on Jessica to convince her not to use the Halting Hex to stop the eviction on Thursday. Yes, at some point Jessica started to come clean about the true nature of her power, and Paul has since pivoted slightly to try to work around it.

Why on earth would Jessica not use the Halting Hex? Paul worked out a deal with Jessica to ensure her safety for the next two weeks and to target Alex next if she doesn't use the Hex, and allows the house to vote Cody out. Targeting Alex was Jessica's idea, and Paul was able to secure enough support for it from the house. Christmas, Matt and Raven were all on board to pretend to agree with this plan, with Alex and Jason in the know about it. And Mark and Elena were all actually on board with targeting Alex and keeping Jessica safe after this week (Paul kept them out of the loop about the agreement being BS.)

But why would Jessica really agree to this plan at all? It's honestly debatable how sold she was on following through with not using the Hex and letting Cody get evicted. It seemed like, at the very least, she was strongly considering it. Enough to sit in the HoH room with most of the house and get their assurance that they won't target her next week. I think Paul was successful in getting her to see that Cody's really hurting her game, and that she was stronger without him. Cody's blowup at Paul after the nominations didn't sit well with Jessica, so their relationship was strained at that point. Both Jessica and Cody have also seemed concerned about how the game is affecting Cody, and how his presence is impacting Jessica's game over all. So not using the hex may have been a realistic option for Jessica, if she was thinking that it might be better for both herself and Cody for him to leave before jury.

Raven Big Brother

Regardless, at this point, it's looking very likely that Jessica will stop the eviction on Thursday, and the house is aware of it. I'm honestly not certain that she was ever really serious about using it, if her decision was contingent on how things were going between her and Cody (they've been on a relationship rollercoaster all week), or if something happened at the Veto ceremony to change her mind. Regardless, the tides turned, the house became aware that she was planning on using the Hex, and Paul pushed ahead with a plan to get under Cody's skin, which resulted in a series of mini-eruptions on Monday afternoon. The stars of that show were Alex, Raven, Mark and Jessica, with Josh as a pot-and-pan-banging side-show. Cody was around, but didn't really get involved, and Paul was involved a bit at the start, but later hung back pulling strings and egging people on to try to "keep the party going."

At one point, Raven completely flipped her lid on Jessica. There's been tension between them since the vote last week, when -- after outright telling Jessica she was voting Josh out -- Raven was among those who voted out Ramses. Earlier on Monday, things got awkward when Jessica called Raven and others out for talking about them behind their back after the Veto ceremony. So it seemed inevitable that this would come to a boil, and so it did. Raven yelled back and forth with Jessica in the kitchen, and then yelled some more outside.

Jessica and Cody adjourned to the hammock out back and stopped engaging. The situation eventually fizzled out.

At one point later on, someone actually yelled over the wall (either through a bullhorn or just really loud) that America loves Jess, and something about Paul (possibly being a bully?). I'm not sure Jessica or Cody heard what was actually said, but word got around about the yeller, and Paul seemed to pull back from his initial plan to have the whole house come down on those two. I'm not a big fan of people outside interfering with the cut-off nature of this game in any way, but given how ugly the situation was getting, if the yeller is the reason the plug was pulled on that plan, no complaints here.

I think Paul's strategy to get Cody to "crack" stemmed from how much Cody's outburst after the nomination ceremony affected Jessica, and the wedge it formed between them, which allowed Paul to get her to consider not using the Hex. My impression was that he was trying to re-wedge them, or at the very least, shake them up enough to regain his footing on the situation. And if Cody lost his cool and threw a punch and got expelled, so be it. Maybe I'm giving Paul too much of the benefit of the doubt here, but I do think there was strategy involved in his efforts to get people to come down on Cody and Jessica. On paper, it might've made sense, but in practice, it wasn't fun to watch, and it came off as a bunch of people ganging up on two people all at once. No one came off looking good for it.

Things have cooled off since Monday, and as of Wednesday afternoon, it seems likely that Jessica will use the Hex. At this point, she needs herself and Cody to stay and fight for Head of Household. And Jessica really needs it. As things are, she has brought on much more negativity from the house than she needed to, all things considered. Jessica now appears to be a bigger target than Cody, which is a shame. I'm not a fan of Paul's "plan" to harass them, but I'm also not a fan of how Jessica has played things out since last Thursday. Announcing that she has a power on the live show (awkwardly aggressive) only to clam up about the nature of it, only to reveal what it actually was, and then rally part of the house in a deal she was ultimately not going to follow through with. I think she's doing her best, but she's making mistakes she might not be able to come back from. Time will tell. In the meantime, unless something shifts, this hex will fall flat with Jessica using it (to no one's surprise) and no one getting evicted on Thursday night.

The biggest thing we have to anticipate on Thursday is the Head of Household competition. I'm assuming we'll see it play out entirely during the episode, given that Big Brother now has the Temptation competition to fill out the Sunday episode.

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