Netflix's Making A Murderer Spoof Is All About Penis Graffiti, Looks Hilarious

In a time where true crime docu-series like Making A Murderer are all the rage, Netflix found a way to parody the genre (and itself, to a certain extent) like no one else can. Check out the trailer for the streaming giant's upcoming series American Vandal, which is a hilarious spoof all centered on the damning act of penis graffiti, and find out more about the show below.

American Vandal looks so ridiculous, and yet so well done, it's actually believable. In the age of Catfish and national headlines focused on small town incidents, a docu-series centering on the potentially conspiratorial takedown of a high school buffoon that's ripe with Snapchat and vertical video isn't a stretch for 2017. Add the hashtag "Who drew the dicks," and suddenly the Season 2 premiere date of Making A Murderer doesn't seem quite as pressing as the crazy mystery fans will get into on September 15th.

The laughs from American Vandal's trailer come from familiar names like Tony Yacenda, a CollegeHumor vet, and Dan Perrault, who is one of the creative forces behind the Honest Trailers the internet loves so much. Those trying to put a name to Dylan Maxwell may better know him as YouTube star Jimmy Tatro. Those unfamiliar with Tatro can check out his style of comedy from his YouTube channel Life According To Jimmy:

Take all that internet comedy talent and package in showrunner Dan Lagana from Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous, along with Funny or Die as one of the companies behind it, and it looks like Netflix will have another weiner in its hands, er, winner on its hands, despite clearly taking an indirect stab (all puns intended) at one of the company's hit shows. Anyone behind legit true crime shows like Making A Murderer might not be so thrilled to see serious matters getting parodied in such an immature way, but it seems to be all in good fun. And Netflix has made other attempts beyond American Vandal to try and recapture the tremendous success the series has made with other shows, so it'll be interesting to see how it works with a comedy bent.

As stated earlier, fans of mockumentaries can check out American Vandal when it lands on Netflix beginning September 15th. Anyone in search of something a tad more serious might like revisit that chilling trailer for Mindhunters, which looks as though it'll scratch the genuine crime itch fans of these shows crave. As far as other shows are concerned for the fall, be sure to check out CinemaBlend's fall premiere guide to stay up to date on the latest and greatest programming starting in just a few short months. Anyone still searching for a great show to start now will still do well to visit our summer premiere guide.

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