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Supergirl Is Introducing A New Kryptonian In Season 3

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Supergirl will have a new Kryptonian on the scene in Season 3, and early word surrounding the casting is interesting, to say the least. On the heels of the series casting Carlos Bernard as Maggie's father, a new casting has emerged for the show that is searching for an actress to play a mysterious and sexy forty-something vixen with ties to the world of Krypton. Here's what we know so far about this character, and how she could possibly fit into Kara Danvers' life in Season 3.

Perhaps the most interesting part about the Supergirl casting is the Game Of Thrones comparison the character is getting. TVLine tells us that this new character is being likened to the witch Melisandre, which gives reason to suspect that this person has some issues or secrets at best. Supergirl seems a little too bright of a series for some of the witchy stuff The Red Woman gets down with, so who knows what this person is about, or what her ties to Kara are.

The tie-in to Kara is important, as fans don't even know at this point whether or not this Kryptonian will be around in the present day of Supergirl or in flashbacks. The flashbacks seem like a safe bet, considering the Season 2 ending which featured Reign being sent to Earth long ago. With not much being revealed about the Worldkiller beyond that small part, it seems likely Supergirl will use some flashbacks to fill in the blanks regarding her new enemy, so maybe this new character will be a part of that.

There's also a chance that this new Kryptonian could be a fresh and exciting villain the Arrow-verse has yet to tackle, with someone like the Kryptonian Faora fitting the bill. That guess seems more of a pipe dream, as Faora is typically paired up with Zod and we've already been teased on that front already, but it's still a possibility. Another character being tossed around by the fans is this new character could be Aethyr, who had a run on Smallville. But, again, there's a Zod connection, and really the only thing that fuels the speculation is the fact this character is a Kryptonian. Maybe Supergirl should just bring Zod back for real so we can knock all these additional Kryptonian cameos out?

The mystery behind this new character will be revealed when Supergirl returns for Season 3 October 9th at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. With a huge crossover being planned, Arrow on a new night, and Barry stuck in the speed force, it should definitely be an exciting season in the Arrow-verse. Be sure to keep up on all the premiere dates of new shows via our fall premiere guide, and those who still wish to hold onto summer and the wonderful programming it has left to offer can hit up our summer premiere guide.

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