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Supergirl Season 3 Cast A 24 Vet To Cause Some Personal Drama

Carlos Bernard in 24

Season 3 of Supergirl is looking to get dramatic. Just on the heels of Melissa Benoist explaining why Kara Danvers is going full Supergirl, a 24 vet is joining the cast to cause some personal drama. Looks like Maggie Sawyer's life is about to get more complicated as Carlos Bernard will play her father in the upcoming season.

TVLine reports Carlos Bernard will play Maggie's father Oscar Rodas, who like his daughter, is also a police officer. Fans of Supergirl will remember that Maggie came from a very conservative family who did not approve of her being a lesbian. Her father Oscar was actually the one responsible for throwing her out of the house in her teens, so undoubtedly there will be some tension when the two cross paths again.

With Season 2 of Supergirl closing with Alex's proposal to Maggie, her father arriving now of all times is not ideal. Fans didn't get to see Maggie's response to Alex, and it's possible Oscar Rodas appearing on the scene could play into the two's relationship if the father and daughter are working to improve their relationship. Ultimately it seems like either Rodas will either accept his daughter's life decisions, or Maggie may be forced to choose between her relationship with Alex or reconciling with her father.

From a behind the scenes perspective, the decision to cast Carlos Bernard in the role of a storyline that involves Maggie is especially interesting, considering actress Floriana Lima will not be a series regular this coming season. That said, Greg Berlanti has assured fans that Lima's downgrade from series regular to recurring character won't be all that noticeable to fans in the show. Bernard's casting only seems to confirm that although Lima's status on the show has been downgraded, fans of Maggie will still get some quality time with the character as Supergirl moves into Season 3.

For Carlos Bernard, Supergirl will be his next big appearance since he appeared as Tony Almeida on 24: Legacy. With that series gone but other spinoffs still a possibility over at Fox, Supergirl will be a chance for the actor to shine until something comes his way. Though his appearance on The CW series is unknown, those who only get a small glimpse of Bernard will also get to occasionally see him on The Inspectors on CBS.

Supergirl is set to return October 9th 8 p.m. ET on The CW. For a full picture of what the fall season has on deck, be sure to check out our fall premiere guide for all the hottest shows to keep you warm as the weather cools down. Those still wishing to find another great show near the summer's end can still visit our summer premiere guide.

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